Dallas star Patrick Duffy and Happy Days’ Linda Purl candidly discussed their romance and how they fell in love on Zoom in an interview on Thursday’s This Morning. 

Patrick, 72, and Linda, 66, looked smitten as they chatted about how sparks began to fly during a group text chat in 2020- before they started FaceTiming before graduating to ‘two to three hour’ Zoom calls every night.

The pair will star in a new production of the classic Broadway thriller, Catch Me If You can, which begins a nationwide tour next month.

Patrick said: ‘It’s a Covid romance. We didn’t sit in the same room for almost four months but we spoke to each other everyday. 

‘We kept texting and texting became Facetime and for two and a half months plus we zoomed every night for two or three hours. We didn’t have that thing after the third dinner, do I kiss? Do I take her to my house?

Linda, who played Ashley Pfister in season 10 of Happy Days in the early 1980s, added: ‘As we were about to do the end meeting, Patrick says “see you tomorrow love you.”

Patrick, who played Bobby Ewing on Dallas said: ‘The next day we zoomed it was like…”hi”. I got into my car and drove 23 hours to her door step and we’ve never been apart.’

Linda continued: ‘I don’t think it would have happened otherwise because in our normal lives pre-pandemic we wouldn’t have had three hours to Zoom but we did.’

Branding Linda ‘the most beautiful thing in the world’ Patrick said: ‘I wasn’t looking for (love) but it found me.’

Patrick and Linda began dating in July 2020. 

Describing their relationship in an interview back in November 2020, Patrick said he had given up on the idea of dating again following the passing of his wife, ballet dancer Carlyn Rosser, who succumbed to cancer in 2017. 

The pair were married for over four decades and had two sons: Padraic, 46, and Conor. 40.

‘I wasn’t looking for it. I didn’t feel I needed it … and then fate just went swoosh! and changed the perspective,’ he said of their love last year.’We started texting and then FaceTiming and then Zooming … We did a two-to-three-hour Zoom every single night … You get to know somebody really well when you do that.’ 

The actor loved chatting to Linda during the lockdown, and once restrictions were eased, he wasted no time in rushing to see her.   

He shared: ‘At the end of those two and half months, we were feeling a little different than just casual friendship, so I packed up my car, I drove 20 hours, and I was on her doorstep.

‘I asked permission if I could kiss her, and we’ve been together ever since.’

Patrick admitted that his romance with Linda came as a complete surprise. The actor explained that after his wife’s death, he never imagined he’d fall in love again.

He confessed: ‘I never thought for a minute this would happen again. I never thought I’d feel this way again. I’m in an incredibly happy relationship.’ 

Linda is mother to son Lucius Cary, 26, who she shares with ex husband Alexander Cary.

She has been married four times in total but has no other children.