A 35-year-old mother was arrested for allegedly throwing boiling water on one of her children.

According to WZVN-TV, officers from the Clewiston Police Department responded to Gabrielle Jones’ home on Sunday, Jan. 23. Jones’ middle school-aged daughter was reportedly doing her younger sister’s hair and accidentally spilled hot water on the girl’s neck.

According to WINK-TV, the younger sister told the middle school-aged girl she needed to know how it feels. Jones reportedly started screaming and yelling at her middle school-aged daughter for burning her sister.

Jones’ younger daughter went into her room as Jones reportedly exited the room and boiled water on top of the stove. According to WZVN, Jones’ daughter told investigators her mother came back five minutes later and threw the pot of boiling water on her to reportedly teach her a lesson. WZVN reports Jones neglected to bring her daughter to the hospital or treat her burns after the alleged assault.

The victim reportedly turned her face away when the mother assaulted her, and the water hit her head and the side of her shoulder, where the burns were severe. She also allegedly had apparent blisters on her right arm.

Clewiston Detective Charles Williams told WINK, “They look like second-degree burns. It was pretty decent burns on there. The child, thank God, didn’t get it on her face or anything, so that was a good thing.”

Jones and her daughter reportedly started fighting to the point where the victim’s brother had to pull Jones off his sister. According to WZVN, the victim didn’t feel safe with her mother following the incident.

Jones reportedly told authorities that she was suffering from her depression the day of the assault. WZVN reports Jones eventually admitted to throwing the boiling water on her daughter and that they got into a physical altercation.

According to WZVN, Jones was arrested and charged with child neglect with great bodily harm and aggravated child abuse. She was later released on bond.

WZVN reports the children are staying with their grandmother in a Clewiston hotel. Jones is reportedly prohibited from contacting her children.

According to WINK, the victim is healing.