Actress Anna Kendrick is being dragged to federal court by a photographer who claims she ripped off his work.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Ulices Ramales is suing the Pitch Perfect star in federal court.

In court, Ramales explains he makes his money by licensing photos he takes to various magazine and outlets.

While working in New York, Ramales snapped a couple of photos of the actress walking the streets in a white dress in 2019.

The suit claims Kendrick took the images and posted them on her Instagram account without any credit or paying to license the images.

“Without permission or authorization from [Ramale], [Kendrick] volitionally selected, copied, stored and/or displayed [Ramales’] copyright protected Photograph,” the suit reads.

Ramales says his work lost value after she posted it to her nearly 20 million followers. He also believes she received a financial benefit by using the snaps to promote her brand.

The suit is seeking at least $150k in damages plus an injunction prohibiting Kendrick from using any more of his photos.

The photo in question remains up on Kendrick’s Instagram account despite the legal demand.

Kendrick joins a long list of celebrities who have been taken to court for posting photos of themselves on Instagram. Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Scott Disick recently settled a massive lawsuit with the biggest agency in town. He was headed to trial but decided to avoid spending a ton of lawyers and reached a private deal.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna is facing a similar lawsuit with the same mega-company in federal court. She accuses the photographers of trying to shake her down for money because their business has been slow during the pandemic. So far, Rinna has refused to settle and appears to be headed to trial with the company.

The lawsuit comes days after it was revealed Kendrick has been secretly dating comedian Bill Hader for several months. A source told ET the couple has been “dating for a while.” The source said the two share the same sense of humor and “really like each other.”