Woman rescued after floating on blow-up mattress on lake for days

A woman was stranded in the middle of an Oklahoma lake in freezing temperatures and stayed afloat on a blow-up mattress before being rescued, according to KRMG.

The woman was spotted on the train tracks near Lake Texoma on Thursday by Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway train conductor Cristhian Sosa and train engineer Justin Luster. Let’s hope she was using this blow-up mattress.

The two men saw the woman waving her hands for help while they were traveling aboard a freight train from Madill, OK to Irving, TX.

“Well naturally we kinda thought maybe she was delirious, we really didn’t know what really happened and it wasn’t until we got to the crossing where highway patrolman had come out to find out her story was accurate, she had been floating on that air mattress for a solid day or two,” Luster said.

The men brought the train to a stop to help her and immediately called for emergency services.

“She was literally laying on the ground waving one arm, basically her left arm, the one that her arm wasn’t stuck with her jacket, and she was asking for help, so we instantly knew she was hurt and she needed help,” Sosa said.

She identified herself as only Connie. The train workers said that she was separated from her significant other two days earlier.

According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, she floated at least two miles on the air mattress before reaching land at the train tracks. She had cuts on her hands that were bleeding when she was found, and struggled to walk. They also said that she had hypothermia and was taken to the hospital to be treated, and is expected to recover.

“I guess she has a boat and some of her stuff started drifting away and she tried to catch it and before she knew it she was on top of her air mattress and she was a drift and there was nothing she could do and she ended up by the rocks,” Sosa said.

It’s currently unknown if the woman has been reunited with the man she was on the lake with. He was reportedly able to get to shore and a nearby house for warmth.

“It was just kinda unexpected you know with the weather we were having, we were the only train out there at the time and really unexpected and I’m glad we could be there when we were,” Luster said.

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