Drivers have been left confused after hundreds of birds rained from the sky, lying dead on a country road.

One woman said she came across 200 birds in the road, while a man said he heard a loud bang before eight birds fell onto his car as he was driving.

Michaela Pritchard came across the unexplained sight as she drove on the road between Waterston and Hazelbeach in Wales on Thursday evening, reports WalesOnline.

The phenomenon has not been explained, although some say it could be down to electrocution or a predator bird chasing the flock into the road’s surface just before dusk.

Michaela called her local council to report the find just before 8pm.

Ian Mccaffrey said some birds fell out of the sky onto his car just after he heard a large “electrical-type” bang. He said: “When I left work last night [Thursday] I heard a bang and then a load of birds landed on my car.”

He added: “Every now and again you will hear a bang that is coming from what I think is a crow-scarer that farmers use. However this bang was more like an electrical bang – not quite as loud as lightning but similar.

“It’s like there were hundreds of birds in the sky and all of a sudden they just died and fell to the ground. It was quite surreal last night to be honest with you – not something I have ever experienced before.”

Claire Eaton, who live nearby said it was “traumatic” to see. She managed to rescue one of the birds and is planning to release it later today.

“About an hour before I was at Neyland Marina walking my dog and I saw a big flash and I didn’t think anything of it,” she said. “Maybe something spooked them and they flew into the pylons.”

The nature lover said she strongly believed that whatever was behind the incident was “manmade”. She added: “I feel quite passionate about it – I think we should respect wildlife more in general.”

A spokesperson for nearby Dragon LNG, which handles liquid fuel, said there had been nothing unusual at the plant on Thursday and it was carrying on work as normal.

She added: “It’s in the vicinity but it’s normal operations at Dragon LNG. There was nothing different at the plant.”