Hank Williams Jr.’s son, Sam Williams, gave his fans pause after he dropped allegations against his father and half-sister in a silent YouTube clip posted to his account earlier in the month. According to Fox News, Williams’ video alleges that his father and half-sister placed him in a conservatorship, with the musician indicating he wants out by writing the words on paper.

In the description for the YouTube video, Williams explains a bit of his accusation and why he has been so silent. He shared the video to Twitter with the words, “Please watch…conservatorship.”

“I’ve been quiet a long time now. I want out of this, and I don’t mind people knowing. They took my grief process, my spirit, my money, my car, my home, and everything possible in order to ‘protect me.’ Well, I need protection from them,” he wrote with the video, according to TMZ. “I have worked my broken heart to quits since my dear Katie left for Home. I do not deserve this. This is a scary step but I don’t see what else to do here. I am ashamed of my family and embarrassed. I am beyond done. I have my spirit back. Get. Me. Out. Please.”

According to Fox News, Williams’ sister Katie passed away on June 13, 2020, after a car accident. The 27-year-old was behind the wheel of a Chevy Tahoe heading southbound on the highway in Tennessee. Her husband, Tyler Dunning, was the passenger in the vehicle and they were towing a boat.

As Fox News adds, it was months later, in Aug. 2020, when Hank Williams Jr. filed an emergency conservatorship for his son. The proximity of the incidents raises plenty of questions, but the outlet indicates that the current status of the conservatorship is unknown.0comments

Sam Williams is also a musician, with credits working with stars like Dolly Parton and Keith Urban, though the private video isn’t likely the headlines anybody wanted to see. The obvious parallel is the Britney Spears conservatorship battle that ended near the tail end of 2021.

Spears alleged abuses and manipulation of her career under the conservatorship run by father Jamie Spears. It is unclear what Williams is specifically alleging about his conservatorship, but fans have to be hoping there is a rational answer.

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