A flight attendant has freaked out social media followers with a story of how one cabin crew member reportedly spoke to the spirit of a dead woman – whose body she later found out was being transported in the plane’s cargo hold.

Former Emirates cabin crew member Sandra Kwon, 38, tells the story of a fellow flight attendant who was chatting to the wife of a sleeping passenger on a night flight – only to find out later that the man’s wife had passed away the previous week.

Kwon, who posts on TikTok as @JeenieWeenie, re-enacted the spooky encounter in a TikTok video captioned “Green tea w/milk and sugar – #Truestory”.

In the comments section, she clarifies that it was a story told to her by a colleague, rather than her own encounter.

In the video, Kwon as the flight attendant chats to a friendly woman sitting next to her sleeping husband, saying she is cold and asking the flight attendant for a blanket.

She also asks the staffer for a green tea with milk and sugar for her husband, for when he wakes up.

When Kwon as the flight attendant goes back to the galley to chat to a colleague, they say that the sleeping man is travelling alone.

When the crew member brings the man – now awake – his green tea, he tells her that his wife passed away the previous week.

Not only that, but he reveals that her body is being transported home in the cargo hold of the same flight.

In the video, Kwon suggests her (living) customer was completely accepting of the incident, given that his “wife’s spirit” had asked for his tea just how he likes it.

“She’s in cargo, but I believe you – this is how I drink my tea,” the man in the video solemnly tells the flight attendant.

“I think she’s just worried about me.”

After receiving countless spooked-out comments, Kwon clarified that this was a story told to her by a member of cabin crew in training.

“The fact that it was a cabin crew trainer’s story and she told this story during class,” she added.

Kwon hasn’t worked for Emirates since the early Noughties, but she has become prolific on the social media channel for sharing her travel tips and cabin crew experiences.

In one recent video, she tells followers about the trend for influencers trying to get into the cockpit mid-flight to take photos, while in another she reveals how they are equipped with “duct tape, zip ties, if we’re lucky maybe handcuffs” to restrain unruly passengers in-flight.

Watch the video below:

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