British monarch Queen Elizabeth is introducing a new royal ketchup to the market. It is a part of the 95-year-old’s own brand of condiments launched recently, believed to have been made at the family’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk using ingredients grown there.

According to a People report, the condiments include tomato ketchup and brown sauce. The former is said to be ideal for breakfast and can go with any other meal as well. It comprises flavours such as those of dates, apple juice and spices; the brown sauce has vinegar and spices.

The bottle costs £7 (INR 704), and is “a real family favourite”. “Vibrant and fruity, this ketchup can be enjoyed any time of the day, perfect to add flavour to a dish.”

The report further states that the queen is a fan of burgers, especially hamburgers. And so, the royal kitchen always has a good stock of various sauces per her liking. Former royal chef Darren McGrady had also revealed last year that the monarch likes her burger without a bun, and she eats it with a knife and fork. Instead of ketchup, however, the burger is served with cranberries.

Interestingly, a Mirror report states that such is her love for burgers that Foodhub even created one in her honour, called the ‘Ma’amburger’.