Chained Chinese Mother of 8 Confirmed to be Human Trafficking Victim

Last month, a viral video of a Chinese woman who was found chained in a small hut drew public outrage and demand for investigation from Chinese netizens.

After weeks of public outrage and requests for a thorough investigation, the chained Chinese woman seen in a viral video, whose real name has now been identified as Xiao Huamei, was found to have been trafficked from Yagu village in Yunnan Province.

Xiao, who was born in 1977, was married in 1995 and later divorced in 1997 before a woman, identified as Sang, brought her to Jiangsu Province to supposedly help her seek medical treatment and find her a new husband; however, Sang tricked and sold her to a man in Donghai County for 5,000 yuan (approximately $790) in 1998, according to ABC News

The Jiangsu provincial authorities stated that Sang and her husband had previously been convicted in 2000 for trafficking girls. They were both arrested again on Tuesday.

While this chain of events is still under investigation, Xiao was apparently sold again to a construction foreman by another couple in Henan province who found her “wandering as a beggar,” according to a report reviewed by ABC News. The foreman sold Xiao to a man in Feng County, who then sold her to Mr. Dong before she was found chained around the neck by a vlogger who visited the Huankou village in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

Police have also detained the human traffickers who sold her in Feng County. Mr. Dong, was also arrested on charges of abuse on Thursday. 

Dong reportedly took out a marriage license in June 1998 on which he falsified Xiao’s birthdate. 

After the video of her uploaded by a vlogger went viral, it was reported that Xiao had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was taken to a hospital for treatment. 

Chinese authorities reportedly fired eight lower-level Communist Party officials, while three were “deprived of freedom of movement” due to an internal party investigation that highlighted their failure to protect public rights and for issuing false information, according to ABC News. Six other officials have also reportedly received internal punishments.


  • Where’s the rest of the story? How is she the mother of 8? Where are her kids? What became of them?

  • In order to prevent crimes like this in the future, Chinese authorities will remove an internal organ from each of the party officials.
    Since it is their first offense, however, they will each be given the choice of which organ is to be removed.

  • Partial stories is what the media does best……..Are her children part of the Chinese prostitution culture?……Is that why the JB family are so enamored with the chinese culture?,,,,,,,,The Chinese have always had their concubines for the political and is common practice………

    Does China still have concubines?
    In China, the status of a man was once measured by the number of women he had – both wives and concubines. In 1949, the Communists banned the practice, seeing it as a sign of bourgeois decadence, but now, after two decades of market economy, concubines have returned – the “ernai”, meaning “second wife”.

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