Texans Rescue 2-Month-Old Puppy from being Abused

A two month old puppy found “frightfully shaking” after suffering a life of abuse in Texas has been rescued.

Animal shelter City of San Antonio Animal Care Services said the puppy—who they have called Suki—was saved after two witnesses heard her crying while being subjected to “harsh and cruel treatment.”

The witnesses flagged down a nearby police officer and managed to catch her abuser on camera. When animal care officers arrived, Suki sitting in the passenger seat of the police vehicle shaking in fear. The camera footage will be used to bring charges against the abuser.

“Not sure who to trust, Suki initially flinched at loud noises and fast gestures until she felt safe in someone’s arms,” the group wrote in a Facebook post, which can be found here.

Animal abuse cases in San Antonio are increasing. In 2020, Animal Care Service officials reported they were seeing many cases of animals being tied up without access to food, water, and shelter. They said this was likely pandemic-related.

KSAT reported that during the pandemic, people were more aware of what was going on around them, and therefore noticed and reported more cases of animal neglect. In August 2020, KSAT said there were a record number of pet adoptions during the pandemic.

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services saw many people adopt animals as they became isolated during lockdown. But with many people left financially struggling during the pandemic, some were unable to provide for their pets, causing many dogs and cats to be abandoned on the streets.

The animal shelter does not know how long Suki was abused for, but said she was “lucky to have caught the attention of people around her.”

“After just a few days of receiving love, compassion, and (probably too many) treats, she was no longer flinching when people tried to pet her. She even had a playmate to help ease her comfort from the chaotic situation she had been through,” the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services said in the Facebook post.

The shelter said Suki’s life will be “better from here on out.”

The puppy has now been moved to no-kill shelter Animal Defense League of Texas, where she will be put up for adoption.

“Thank you to the good Samaritans who did not shy their cameras away and began recording as soon as they noticed something was not right. She will get to grow and be loved because somebody saw and said something,” the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services said.


  • Glad to hear that someone spoke up & stopped a police officer to stop this abuse on this little girl. I don’t understand people who purposely hurt animals; they love you unconditionally & their sole purpose in life is to make you happy. It was great hearing that many adopted pets during the pandemic, and am grateful for those who kept them. For those who adopted them, and then abandoned them if they couldn’t afford them in the long run, why would you put them out instead of returning them to the shelter? They deserve another chance with someone who can take care of them. Don’t be embarrassed that you can’t afford them, the shelter would rather you return them because of those reasons. If you find yourself wanting to adopt a pet, please think about the care it will need, the cost of the food, and spending time with the pet, before actually going through with it. Vet bills aren’t cheap and the animal will need to be spayed or neutered which extends the life of the animal in some cases. Thank you to the people who helped little Suki out and the officer who took the action to secure her a better life~~

  • the cop should have shot & killed the human animal (in a sane world)

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