Clara Barrett, who was 12 at the time, was taunted for her size – but she has now undergone an amazing transformation, shedding 17 stone and fitting into a size 8.

The bully would stab the teen in the shoulder with a compass at school, while saying: “I bet you’re so fat you can’t feel this.”

She spent the day with blood dripping down her back – which she covered with a cardigan.

And the woman, from Swadlincote, also had takeaway food hurled at her from a passing car – leaving her with noodles and sauce all over herself.

Clara told StaffordshireLive: “I was severely picked on at school. People used to pull my trousers down.

“One girl slapped me round the face every day for a year.

“I was also stabbed in the back by a compass 62 times and spent the rest of the day with blood dripping down my back.”

“If you are fat you are treated like animals. It was like I wasn’t human to them.”

As a teen, Clara was stabbed by her school bully with a compass over her size
As a teen, Clara was stabbed by her school bully with a compass over her sizeCredit: BPM

But Clara, now 31, has bounced back from her awful school days and had slimmed down to 12.8stone – from her previous 29 stone.

After a failed relationship in 2019, she decided to start her weight loss journey and heal her relationship with food.

She had previously been eating 15 doughnuts a day and entire chocolate bars in one sitting – and she said she was hungry all the time.

Clara said: “For a long time my age matched my weight, so when I was 11 I was 11 stone, but I eventually got heavier after the age of 15.

“I didn’t have set meals three times a day. I would just eat when I was hungry and I was hungry all the time.

“I used to sit on the sofa all day and watch my husband play video games. But I got up off my a*** and I now walk everywhere.”

She said: “I have good days when I get used to it because it is part of me, but on one bad day I tried to cut [the skin] off myself and got a scar. I was getting down about it.”

She now eats healthy and does regular exercise
She now eats healthy and does regular exercise

Nowadays for breakfast, Clara has cereal with soya protein milk – or she’ll opt for Marmite on wholemeal bread.

For lunch, she’ll have a mixture of tuna, courgettes, tomato, pepper and pasta.

And after the gym – as she now regularly exercises – she will have a protein-filled chicken wrap.

During her lifestyle turnaround, Clara has left her with excess loose skin – which she believes weighs around 25lbs.

She’s now fundraising £15,000 to be able to afford to get it removed.

Clara added: “I have done what I can do in the gym and my hobbies to tighten my excess skin, but I have so much of it that it’s been to no avail.

“My weight-loss journey was never about size – it was about being happy. I wasn’t happy at the size I was.

“I know I’ll never bad-mouth the girl I was, though, as she got me here.

“She had the strength to start and I owe it to her to try and finish what she started but this bit I cannot do alone. I hope you can help however small.”

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