Teacher Arresting for Feeding Students Sperm Laced Cupcakes

A former Louisiana school teacher is facing 40 years in prison, and it’s probably not long enough if she did what police say she admitted to.

Because, according to reports, Cynthia Perkins baked up some cupcakes for her class at Westside Junior High School in Walker, Louisiana and added one disgusting, throw up in your mouth just reading it, secret ingredient — her ex-husband’s sperm.

This actually took place back in 2019, according to reports, and Perkins and her ex-husband, Louisiana sheriff’s lieutenant Dennis Perkins, were “arrested and charged with creating child pornography, video voyeurism and first-degree rape.”

But, today, according to reports, Cynthia Perkins confessed to lacing the cupcakes with semen along with a list of other sex crimes.

“Today, Cynthia Perkins admitted to her crimes and pled guilty in court,” Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said in a report. “She not only waived any right to appeal, and attempt to avoid conviction, but she also spared the victims from reliving her horrific crimes during this particular trial,”

And, again, authorities say it wasn’t just the cupcakes, although that would have been plenty bad enough.

According to reports, Cynthia Perkins admitted to “helping her ex-husband sexually assault a juvenile and film a juvenile bathing.”

The report said that she filed for divorce after her arrest, and claimed that she was “manipulated by her ex-husband into committing child sex crimes,” with her attorneys calling Dennis Perkins the “mastermind” of the disgusting list of allegations the couple faces.


  • Wow! I’m so glad that God can punish worst than anything I could ever fathom. Those it’s are demons. They don’t deserve to be called people.

  • C’mon man! She must be allowed to fulfill her dreams. Besides that is only a Democrat rèsumè enhancement.

  • This is by far the MOST disgusting report of criminal abuse of children that I have ever heard of. I worked many years in Emergency Care, thinking I had seen & heard of every cruelty imaginable. I feel physically ill after reading this report of what is the vilest, most disgusting situation that is nothing less than criminal child abuse against MULTIPLE innocent victims. There was no report of what punishment was delivered to both of these animals that I think should be imprisoned for life with their only nutritional sustenance being animal feces supplied by farmers nearby.

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