‘Y’all Are Insane’: Katy Perry Walks Off ‘American Idol’

Katy Perry stormed off during Sunday’s episode of “American Idol” after her fellow judges refused to give the 15-year-old granddaughter of Aretha Franklin a chance to move forward in the competition.

Grace Franklin from Detroit, Michigan, told the “American Idol” crew that she and her superstar grandmother were “really close” and that she “got to see her all the time, I used to travel with her a lot,” before performing for judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Perry, according to Entertainment Tonight

Richie followed up with his personal stories of Aretha Franklin, saying that she used to make collard greens for him when he went to visit, according to video of  the audition posted to Twitter. “You are from a blessed family.” Richie continued.

“I don’t think I could fully grasp the fact that she was known worldwide, because to me she was always just ‘Grandma,’” Grace said during a show interview, according Entertainment Tonight. “I feel people expect me to sing exactly like her, but I am my own artist and I have my own voice.”

Grace sang a rendition of “Killing Me Softly” for the judges, to which Bryan and Richie said they felt she wasn’t ready to move on to the next stage of the audition process, according to CNN. Perry asked Grace to sing “Ain’t No Way,” after feeling that her first song was too “soft,” according to the full audition video.

“Grace Franklin, I love you and I think the best thing for you in life is to take a shot at going backwards,” Richie told the singer. “Go back and get a running start and come at this again.”

Perry responded to Richie’s comments by staring him down. “Listen, she’s got stardust, give her a shot, give her a chance,” Perry said. “I’m sure Aretha wasn’t Aretha when she walked into the room, but somebody said, ‘Yes, I want to work with you, I want to develop you, you’ve got something.’ She’s got stardust on her,” Perry continued.

Richie would not bow down to Perry’s pressure, causing the pop superstar to walk off set, saying, “I will lay down on the ground. I quit this show. I’m going to the bar! Something wrong with your ears. Y’all are insane!”

Richie concluded the audition by hugging Grace and telling her he didn’t “want this to be a crash and burn.” He wrapped up by telling the young singer to come back and see the judges after she had “put the work in.”


  • Katy wanted to give her a pass because Aretha was her Grandma? She’s NOT READY YET Katy! You are a BRAT for walking off the set and acting the way you did. The others knew she wasn’t ready but you didn’t.

  • Just because you are telated to a star doesn’t give you an open door…you must have the chops in,be able to hold your own..
    Whats new with perry acting like a child?
    Replace her… very simple…and probably wrlcomed by the majority who watch that show..
    I’m a life-long musician…I don’t watch it myself…but I’ve experienced a ton in the music biz in my years…

  • who cares???

  • "Da ol' SmokeDog

    Super star? Name me 2- Aretha Franklin songs,,,,,Now name me 5-Elvis Presley songs,,,,How ’bout. 5 for the Beatles or ‘Stones. You want to talk Glenn Miller or Dino or Frankie tunes?….Now just ONE tune for Grace Franklin.

    I you don’t know it’s all about pronation $$$,,,over, promotion and balls out luck then you have never seen a top line bar band that nobody ever heard of….If you can’t run an extension cord to the middle of a gravel parking lot and set up there and sound just like the record you recorded you aint dog dug…….Stardust yurass.

    The Prosecution rests

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