So-Called 399-Year-Old Woman Goes Viral

The Cardiff Giant. Hitler’s Diaries. The War of the Worlds. Even before the internet, the world was being fooled by manufactured hoaxes, but there’s no doubt that the lightning-fast speed of the internet combined with social media has made it so much easier to pull the wool over the public’s eyes.

The latest bit of viral chicanery has some gullible TikTok users believing the all too unbelievable existence of a 399-year-old woman.

First of all, let’s get some actual facts on the table. No one in recorded history has ever lived to be 399 years old. The oldest known woman on Earth was Jeanne Chalmet, who passed away in 1997 at the age of 122.

The oldest man was Jiroemon Kimura, who lived to the ripe old age of 116 before dying in 2013. The oldest person currently alive is Kane Tanaka, who recently celebrated her 119th birthday in January.

The video currently making the rounds on TikTok shows an extremely emaciated and frail person in a hospital bed. Many users, Deliberately or otherwise, have incorrectly identified the person as a woman of extraordinary age in the text in the video or in the caption. Neither, however, is true.

The person in the video is Luang Pho Ya, a Buddhist monk from Thailand. The original video, posted by his granddaughter, began to first gather views and then began to fuel wild speculation regarding the monk’s age. One video, which speculated that Luang was 163 years old, garnered 88 million views and several thousand comments.

As the TikTok version of “Post Office” got further and further away from the initial post, Luang suddenly changed his gender and aged a further 300 years — which would have made Luang born around the same time as the Thirty Years’ War was fought in Europe and the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty was born, some 150 years before the USA became a country. No, “she” isn’t.

The speculation is nonsense, of course, but that hasn’t stopped multiple videos showing the monk from pulling down thousands and even hundreds of thousands of views across TikTok. There doesn’t seem to be any malice behind users sharing or reacting to the videos— just a great deal of credulity.

It may seem odd that people are more willing to believe that a person is capable of believing a human is capable of living for four centuries, but a quick look into the history of hoaxes, internet or otherwise, shows that people are fairly willing to let themselves be fooled for the sake of an interesting story.

However, if one is looking for a feel-good story of human longevity, look no further than the actual oldest person alive, Kane Tanaka. Ms. Tanaka is a full decade older than Luang and, if all goes well, will be celebrating her 120th year birthday in January of 2023.


  • So willing to sling negative rocks into this article. I do not see where anyone has tried to do DNA or Carbon trace analysis on her actual skin, hair or other body tissue. Until there is science data to prove or disprove the article, instead of being a smart ass, let science be the judge. I have seen two thousand year old mummies that look in better condition, of course they did not have blood cruising through their veins. I have no clue at this time if their is any truth or not but, I am willing to wait and see, hoax or no. If she is capable of speaking and reasoning, I would love to hear answers to simple questions, praying her memory is good. So, let off the harsh treatment and give her some love, it is a wonder that she is breathing, she needs prayers and not negative statements.

  • C’mon man! nothing in the story prohibits her from voting Democrat.

  • Obviously they never believed in or read the Bible. Genesis reveals 10 of the oldest people on Earth after creation. Enoch one of Noah’s sons lived to 365. Adam 930, Noah 950, Methuselah the longest living human 969 years.

    • Read your Bible! Many people lived to be hundreds of years.

      • Please do not forget that the “years” were not counted the ways we do now.

        “Q: Before AD, what did people of the BC era call their years? How did they count the years in the BC era?

        A: Most people used regnal years of the current King or Emperor when an event happened. That way of counting years is still used today: it is currently Reiwa 2 in Japan, or the second year since the ascension of Emperor Naruhito.”
        and on. – Its very much like the time zone was not really regulated until the train and air travel. –

  • Not so. Methuselah lived to 969 yrs of age; 900 was a common lifespan in the pre-flood era. But even post flood, Abraham lived to 175, & so did others of his time.
    PT Barnum displayed the Fiji mermaid in the mid 19th century, & famously declared a sucker to be born every minute. So yes, people have lived fr longer, & people have proven to be gullible for a long time as well

  • If your a scripture follower.. I believe it says.. 120yrs. is the end of the trail. That so-called 399yr old.. isn’t.
    Those who wre reported to be 122 & more, when they past.. often didn’t have burth certificates, or lost it, or took their word for their age.
    Okanawans are some of the oldest living beings goin up in the 105-116 or so. there are a few other cultures, as well. God bless ’em if they make it to 100. Heck.. I hope I make it to 80..& still function.. One glaring reason, I believe, why I’ve made it to 72.. is, I stay away fm doctors, as much as possible & their Rx drugs.

  • In the olden days age was calculated in moons/months, hence the big numbers… BuyBulls are mostly lies/psychosis/evil/murderous…

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