Man Kills Three Daughters, Chaperone During Supervised Visit At Sacramento Church

Three sisters have been brutally murdered by own their own father during a supervised visit at a California church, according to authorities.

13-year-old Samia, 10-year-old Samantha, 9-year-old Samarah Mora Guitierrez were all gunned down inside The Church in Sacramento on Monday evening, along with their chaperone Nathaniel Kong, 59.

The girls’ dad, 39-year-old David Fidel Mora Rojas, then turned the gun on himself, police say.

According to court records, his estranged partner Illeana Gutierrez Rios had a restraining order against him, and had tried to get a full one for their kids — but was denied.

She accused him of domestic violence and abuse, describing him as jealous and mentally unstable, claiming that he had even attempted suicide.

“I have moved out of the house with the children because I am afraid of [Mora] and concerned [for] my safety and the safety of my children,” she said in court documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

She said she had been abused for more than a decade, that he had choked her, pushed her, thrown things at her and even threatened to kill her, sometimes in front of the children; she said the only reason he hadn’t followed through on his threats were “because he would not know where to go with the children.”

“I do not agree to the protective order for my children,” Rojas wrote in his reply, filed in May. “I want a healthy relationship with my children, separate from Illeana.”

Ultimately, the court granted Illeana a five-year domestic violence restraining order, banning him from coming within 100 yards of her, or the girls — except during four-hour supervised visits, at a church they both had to agree upon.

It was during this four-hour window, at that very church, that Rojas took all five lives, including his own.

Kong, an executive at the nondenominational Christian church and who lived there, was the one who had served Rojas with the restraining order.

Police say Rojas used an AR-15-style rifle in the killings, despite the court order banning him from owning or possessing one. They do not yet know how he obtained it.

In an even crueler twist, it later emerged that police had Rojas in custody just five days before the murders — but he was released on bail.

According to Merced County Sheriff’s Office, he was taken into custody on charges of resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and driving under the influence after he assaulted a California Highway Patrol officer.

After driving into a field and getting stuck in the mud, he was met by an officer, who determined he was under the influence, police said. The officer claimed Rojas struck him and grappled with him, before back-up arrived and arrested him.

“He was drunk and while they were arresting him or trying to he decided he wanted to fight and ended up with felony charges because he assaulted a CHP officer, causing injuries,” Deputy Daryl Allen told The Sacramento Bee.

Rojas was first taken to hospital, where he also reportedly assaulted an emergency worker.

Nevertheless, he posted bail that same day, and was released.

A GoFundMe to support the victims’ family has thus far raised $60k.


  • Suzanne Marienau

    The California courts are just as guilty as this monstrous man was. The insane soft on crime attitudes resulted in 4 people being brutally murdered. Those who love revolving doors in the criminal justice system need to be charged and prosecuted for aiding and abetting in these terrible crimes.
    May God have mercy on the souls of the victims, and may He give strength to the families.

  • This blood is on Gavin Newsome’s hand and every other legislature in CA who voted for letting these people free on bail!

  • This guy should have been struck dead by a lighting bolt. Any person who allowed this animal to go back into society should be imprisoned for at least ten years therefore setting an example to these liberal idiots.

  • Somebody did not pay attention to this monster.

  • C’mon man! Other than the murders, it was a mostly pieceful visit.

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