Teen Electrocuted to Death by Charging Phone

A teenager was electrocuted just moments after he left the family dinner table to charge his phone.

The tragic incident took place in Maipu, Argentina, around 8 p.m. February 26.

Angel Andrada, 18, asked his parents if he could leave the table as his phone was low on battery but he never came back, reports TN.

Moments later, his parents heard a loud noise coming from the bedroom and went to investigate.

Angel’s father found the young man lying on the floor with burns on his body and immediately carried him to his car and drove him to the Diego Paroissien Regional Hospital.

The selfie-loving teen was pronounced dead on arrival, with doctors saying he suffered a fatal electric shock that caused “burns to his neck, both wrists and his right foot.”

Investigators took statements from the teen’s parents and examined the phone charger and electrical connections in the house.

Relatives of the young man paid tribute to the victim on social media after the tragedy.

One relative said: “Fly high Angel Andrada, dear nephew, and give strength to your family to help relieve them of such great pain.

“My condolences to the family, I send you a hug with all my heart.”

A police investigation is ongoing.

Last September, a 14-year-old girl in Brazil died in a similar tragedy after being electrocuted while using hair straighteners.

It is believed she was killed instantly after an exposed wire touched her wet hair.

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