Teacher Bites 2 Students Over Jar of Pickles

A teacher faces charges after allegedly biting two students over a jar of pickles.

According to WFLA-TV, the incident occurred in October 2021. The two students were at Bartow Middle School in the store when a teacher, Rhonda Rice, tried to take a jar of pickles. The students reportedly tried to take the jar back, and Rice allegedly bit them on the forearm.

According to WFLA, Rice was able to get the pickles back. The students reported the incident to school administrators, WFLA reports. An aunt of one of the victims reportedly went to police to press charges in November 2021.

According to an affidavit obtained by WFLA, Rice eventually admitted to licking the students, though the aunt believes it was more harmful than just licking. As of March 7, two misdemeanor battery charges have been filed against Rice.

According to WTJV-TV, Rice is scheduled to be arraigned on March 31 and has been placed on paid administrative leave and transferred to another middle school.

Rice has reportedly worked with the Polk County Public Schools district since 2000 and has four prior disciplinary actions on her file for the following incidents:

lack of effective preparation of materials on a timely basis, excessive use of district-issued computer for personal business during times that should have been used for instructing/planning for classes, not preparing necessary materials and paperwork for ESE hearing, and repeated failure to complete a scheduled IEP in a timely manner.

Polk County Public Schools spokesperson Jason Geary told WFLA in a statement, “Although she described her actions as playing around with students, we expect our employees to act professionally and serve as models of mature behavior. They must set a good example for students to follow, and anything less is unacceptable.”


  • ratkinson5253gmailcom

    So this is what passes as a teacher for our children nowadays?

  • If this teacher is so inefficent in her teaching duties and also assualts middle school children, why is SHE STILL EMPLOYED IN ANY SCHOOL DISTRICT? It is so discussting as tax payers that our hardearned money goes to schools that hire these incompentant people to teach our children. I SAY FIRE THEM ON THE SPOT WHEN THEY DO THINGS AGAINST THE SCHOOL RULES.

    • I agree with you 1000%..I asked myself, what the hell is going on in America, like everything and people are not normal anymore..They should have fired all teachers, that teaches Gay stuff and smacking, biting, pushing kids around…

    • Can’t fire the lazy commie derelicts because the cowardly educators voted in tenure laws. These totally counter productive laws need to be repealed and School boards need to be completely replaced with people the will hire only retired Marine Corps drill sergeant. for school principals who would clean out the dead wood in a matter of a couple weeks. If the teachers can’t teach then they can’t stay.

      The way to become a teacher these days is to bust out of something else like engineering or pre-med. We do not need these bunch of bust-out teaching our kids. There in no other business in the USA that hasn’t turned out a saleable product in over 40 years that would still be around.

      How much further behind could the kids be if we have to close down the schools for lack or personnel. Look at the number of holders of High School diplomas the CANT READ! ,,,, I remember over 30 years ago a guy from Tulsa OK on the radio that said he hired only people with batchler’s degrees,,,,,because their was a better then 80% chance they could read.

      First kill off all tenure laws, then refuse to sign a contract with any oc the commie teacher’s unions.

  • When a teacher behaves like an absolute MORON!, fire them!! FIRE TEACHERS like this who seem to have a history of putting his/herself first and the students LAST, and when firing these kinds of stupid teachers, don’t give them a second chance! If they are stupid enough to commit such atrocities, then they aren’t worth being allowed back into ANY school!

  • Not enough information. Why did the kids have a jar of pickles and where did they have them. The situation needs to be explained. Was taking the pickles away , a teacher taking a necessary step to control a situation. And if it was a disciplinary measure , then what in the world were those kids doing fighting with the teacher. The problem with this report is it gives a negative background in the teacher and the response by the school, but it doesn’t explain the situation. It doesn’t say what happened to the kids for trying to fight with the teacher. This piece strikes me as a one-sided hit piece attempting to put parents against teachers / school systems.

    • Enough about the jar of freaking pickles…it’s HOW the teacher responded that is part of the issue: YOU DON’T BITE STUDENTS! She already has black marks against her for not properly doing HER JOB and this was just another mark against her. I thought that children are taught NOT TO BITE past a certain age. (Guess she never learned that one as a kid) Her handling of the situation and the inappropriate way she went about it is the focus here. How long would YOU last if you bit your boss over a jar of pickles? Not long I would think…

      • As was said earlier, it depends on the context and we don’t know enough about what happened to even come close to making a judgement about it.

        Depends on what the boss did to start the issue… Same thing here. If the kids started the issue and escalated it then they got what they deserved.

        Screw this shit of putting up with out of control kids.

    • It really doesn’t matter what the full reasons were, the teachers have no right to bite or assault a student.

      • Its obvious you have no connect to teaching or kids. If your a teacher disciplining students and are attacked by several of them at once, you can show no fear of afford to be seen as weak. It’s like facing a wild beast. That sounds funny but it’s not. You can’t afford to show weakness in front of a class, because if they smell blood , they attack.

  • Is Rhonda Rice an Affirmative Action hire?
    I see no other reason a person of this caliber would still be employed.

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