Alec Baldwin Says ‘Rust’ Contract Makes Him Untouchable

Alec Baldwin says his “Rust” contract makes him judgment proof in the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins … and he goes on to blame her for the fatal incident.

Baldwin’s lawyers filed an arbitration claim, alleging his deal shields him from any financial responsibility in connection with Hutchins’ death. What’s more … the lawyers say Baldwin’s legal fees must be covered by the production as well.

But that’s not all. In the docs, Baldwin says Hutchins is the one who told him how to position the gun, saying, “She directed Baldwin to hold the gun higher, to a point where it was directed toward her. She was looking carefully at the monitor and then at Baldwin, and then back again, as she gave these instructions.”

halyna on set

The lawyers go on … “In giving and following these instructions, Hutchins and Baldwin shared a core, vital belief: that the gun was ‘cold’ and contained no live rounds.”

The attorneys also say Baldwin asked Hutchins if she wanted him to pull back the hammer … the lawyers say Hutchins responded in the affirmative.

And, there’s this … the docs reference Baldwin’s interactions with Hutchins’ husband, Matthew shortly after the shooting. When Hutchins hugged Baldwin, the actor’s lawyers say Hutchins said, “I guess we’re going to go through this together.”

That relationship blew up after Baldwin sat down with ABC News and not only absolved himself of responsibility, but blamed Halyna.

The docs say it’s not the actor’s responsibility to check a gun for live ammo … the lawyers say it’s the armorist’s job.

Remembering Halyna Hutchins

As for liability because of Baldwin’s Executive Producer title, the lawyers say his contract indemnifies him. Besides, the lawyers say, Baldwin was just a creative E.P.

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As we reported, there were numerous safety concerns on the set, to the point some of the crew staged a walk-off.

Matthew Hutchins and his son are suing Baldwin and others for wrongful death.


  • I sure hope no one thought he’d be found guilty and go to jail.

    • I think we’ll wait and find out how ”untouchable” he is.

    • First time I ever heard that a contract agreement that absolves you of any possible criminal activity or from financial liability for people you may kill at work.
      So did the deceased sign an agreement that if she was killed at work the person holding the gun could not be held liable, and that her orphaned family could not obtain redress?

  • There’s a reason why America must be diligent in its efforts to keep all guns including toy guns away from anything that reeks of a Communist (DemocRAT). They have proven over and over that they are just to darn Ignorant, Incompetent, and dangerous to be trusted with any weapon let alone a gun.

    Americans vs Communists (DemocRATs)
    F Black Lies Matter

  • I can’t understand why a live round was anywhere near the movie set. With that said Alec Baldwin must be a complete moron.

  • I call BS on his being “untouchable”! He’s a psycho and a all-round nasty attitude person. Hopefully his younger wife will walk and take him to the bank before she becomes the next “accident”

  • Once again all crime investigations first?question.??
    . Hwhci? How was Hillary Clinton involved?

    Ms Hutchins is married to a lawyer who is having a dispute w . . .. Drum roll… Clinton Foundation..
    Ez to hire the rookie Armory manager n slip a guy into the set as a grip..

  • The court will say he’s guilty. Then he could get into his acting profile and cry for the cameras!

  • Ummmmmmm, NO!!!! He is NOT untouchable!!!!

  • Alec Baldwin is a liar and a coward and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. For this act of totally irresponsible negligence (or maybe deliberate homicide) he deserves prison!!

  • Wow. If I was asked to sign a contract that says I can kill who I want I am certain I would turn it down.

  • What the hell is going on here? Under the law you can only shoot some one one of 2-ways. Through criminal negligence or on purpose. The law has no provision where you can “accidentally” shoot somebody. Put a firearm in your hand and no matter what you are 10,000% responsible for where a bullet that comes from the muzzle goes. With firearms comes great responsibility.

    This is a golden opportunity for the gun control clowns to send a vivid message that you will be held responsible for anything that happens as a result of you discharging a forearm.

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