Wife Shoots Husband’s Manhood with Harpoon

A man from Buriram in Thailand had a painful punishment for not cooking dinner for his wife.

According to Daily Star, angry wife Chanita Kuedrum shot her husband’s manhood with a fishing harpoon after he decided to go out for a drink with his friends instead of cooking her dinner.

The furious 43-year-old woman waited up for Boonchuey Mooseeton to teach him a painful lesson by shooting his crotch like a fish.

Boonchuey was quoted saying that his wife of 21 years then twisted the spear after shooting the base of his penis.

The incident happened after Chanita returned home from work in the fields as a sugarcane collector.

After a long day of work, she was expecting to see food on the table but instead realised that her partner had gone out with pals to drink whisky — forgetting to make his wife a meal.

It was then she decided to stay up for her husband to return home and teach him a life lesson.

The 45-year-old man was reportedly so drunk he did not seek medical attention until the next day.

His penis eventually needed 17 stitches.

Boonchuey, however, has decided to stay away from home until his wife cools down.


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