Camel Attack Kills 2 People in Tennessee

A loose camel reportedly killed two people Thursday afternoon in Tennessee.

According to the Obion County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a call at 4:44 p.m. regarding a loose camel attacking people near Shirley Farms in Obion, about 100 miles north of Memphis. The farm has a petting zoo.

Deputies found two people unconscious and the camel still loose.

The sheriff’s office identified the two victims as 42-year-old Bobby Matheny, of Ridgely, and 67-year-old Tommy Gunn, of Obion. They later died of their injuries.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office, together with the Lake County Rescue Squad, the Ridgely Police Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol, responded to provide aid and help move the victims to a safe place, according to the sheriff’s office.

The camel also attacked an Obion County Sheriff’s Office vehicle and then moved toward the deputies. The sheriff’s office said officers put the camel down “for the safety of everyone on the scene.”

There was no word on how the camel got loose.


  • Christine Puliselic

    An innocent desert dwelling animal that does not belong in Tennessee gets loose and is probably frightened and reacts. So, of course, it’s murdered. Neither those two people nor the camel should have died. The people who are responsible are the idiots who brought it here.

  • Camels are generally docile. What’s the rest of the story? I’m sorry for all the death’s, including the camel’s.

  • Camels are not normally aggressive animals so what did the two clowns do to provoke it!!

  • C’mon man! This could have been prevented with 7 Wuhan Red Death shots and wearing 3 masks.

  • The Grizz Man said was the damn truth:

    “C’mon man! This could have been prevented with 7 Wuhan Red Death shots and wearing 3 masks”.

  • Trump Supporter

    Several years ago, the Crystal Cathedral had a similar incident during their show of The Passion of the Christ. They used live animals during their procession. One of the live Camels broke free from its handler. I don’t remember if anyone was hurt or killed; however, it killed the performance which was never held again.

  • maybe it was a bull during mating season.

  • Camels can kick anyway they like – from the front, middle side, back. They can use their front legs just as adeptly as they can use their hind legs. And those kicks can kill you. A camel is not an animal I would recommend for a petting zoo.

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