Jussie Smollett in Psych Ward after being Deemed a Self-Harm Risk

Two days after Smollett was sentenced to five months at Cook County Jail in Chicago for lying to police about a made-up homophobic and racist attack, the actor’s sibling Jocqui Smollett slammed his placement in a psych ward as “a complete lack of justice.”

“What’s very concerning is that there was a note attached to his paperwork today and clipped on the front of his jail cell saying that he’s at risk of self-harm,” Jocqui Smollett said Saturday in an Instagram video.

“I want to just make it clear to folks that he is in no way, shape or form at risk of self-harm,” he continued. “He wants to let folks know … that he is very stable, he is very strong, he is very healthy and ready to take on the challenge that ultimately has been put up against him.”

Smollett’s sentencing took place Thursday, more than three years after the actor told police he was attacked by two men who hurled racist and homophobic slurs at him, put a rope around his neck and poured a chemical on him in January 2019.

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An investigation led to Smollett being accused of staging the incident by paying two brothers to attack him. In December, Smollett was found guilty on five counts of disorderly conduct for lying to police.

Smollett, 39, has maintained his innocence. After receiving his sentence last Thursday, the actor declared he “is not suicidal.”

“If anything happens to me when I go in there, I did not do it to myself,” he said at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse.

In the Instagram video, Jocqui Smollett also stressed his brother’s innocence and condemned him being moved to the psych ward.

“This is not right,” he said. “This is completely lack of justice. It’s angering. It’s an outrage.”

Officials with the Cook County Jail have not publicly commented on Joqui’s claim.


  • Thats to protect his butt from the other inmates.

  • That’s a good place for this Communist (DemocRAT) pervert.

  • Who in their right mind would think that he’d be “Epsteined” while in jail. He’d do it to himself to make it look like it was done TO HIM by “racist, anti gay guards or other inmates” and then believe that in his delusion of grandeur that he’s an “icon” to the LGBTQ+ community…what BS! He’s a BAD liar and actor who got caught lying about an attack that he PAID FOR to happen so he could force “Empire” to pay him more $$$. That SO backfired on him. Once out, the only thing he should be able to do is the Adult film industry.

    • YEP…and, ALL those fellow TV show friends of his…people in the entertainment industry that backed him up, empathized with him, consoled him, all the while Smollett, PLAYED THEM ALL !. I wonder where they all are now? I wonder how many would be seen with him today. They ALL were suckered into his world of self-indulgent, self-serving,make-believe. Truly a pathetic individual. Perhaps his new cellmate – Bubba will straighten him out…

  • What he did was okay, but his punishment is not? What an arrogant punk.

  • Matthew Surapine

    Curious that if a person of another race had perpetrates the exact same crime if he would be in the psych ward.. I seriously doubt it. Once again different rules for “special” people.

  • “I am crazy” well played……

  • His punishment is well deserved. If the tables were turned And it was a white heterosexual that pulled a stunt like that they’d have throw. Away the key.
    The fact that he was yelling he would not do harm to himself and still maintain that he’s innocent when he is as guilty as sin and it’s been proven he probably is mentally unstable. He had no remorse for the hate crimes he committed!!
    He might be safer in a mental ward.
    He’s not the only one that should be in prison or a psych ward!!

  • Yep, Smollett is innocent, and once again I swear that the dog ate my homework!

  • Hey!!! This was a FAKED RACE-BAITING RACIST HATE CRIME, he should have gotten 50 YEARS in prison like a white person would! Not 6 months in a comfortable psych ward!

  • What’s he got to complain about? Kind of reminds me of Brer Rabbit “you can do anything but don’t throw me in that brier patch” Doing his brief time in a nut ward will be far easier than in a prison cell where the other inmates might want to put his femininity to the test.

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