Dad “Accidently” Beats 5-Year-Old Son to Death

A 33-year-old father in Nevada is behind bars after he allegedly used an electrical cord to beat his 5-year-old son to death because he disapproved of what the child was watching on television. Gerald Oglesby was taken into custody on Wednesday and charged with one count of open murder, police say.

According to a press release from the Henderson Police Department, police officers and firefighters on March 16 at approximately 1:30 a.m. responded to a call about a young boy not breathing at a home located in the 700 block of Center Street in Clark County. The caller, later identified as Oglesby, told the dispatcher that he last saw his son breathing approximately 13 minutes prior to calling 911, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by Las Vegas CBS affiliate KLAS.

Upon arriving at the scene, first responders say they found the unresponsive child inside the residence lying on a couch. He reportedly had visible bruising on his face and torso. Emergency medical personnel attempted to resuscitate the boy, but he was “beyond help and was pronounced deceased on the scene,” police said.

Officers arrested Oglesby and booked him into the Henderson Detention Center on the murder charge. The victim’s name was not released by authorities.

During a subsequent interview with police, Oglesby allegedly admitted that he disconnected an electrical cord from a cable box inside the home and used it repeatedly whip the child because he was in his father’s bedroom watching a television show with “characters that were adult age,” detectives reportedly wrote. The initial attack reportedly left the child with a gash on his chin.

Investigators said Oglesby attacked the child a second time later in the night because the boy was “back talking him” about having to go to sleep, per a report from Las Vegas ABC affiliate KTNV. The second attack was allegedly more violent than the first and included closed-fist punching.

“Gerald explained as soon as he struck [the victim] in the abdomen, he knew he struck him too hard,” an investigator reportedly wrote in the affidavit.

Oglesby reportedly told investigators that after striking his son, the boy began acting strange. Per KTNV, Oglesby said the child “could not walk normally” and laid down on the couch and began throwing up. Oglesby reportedly told police that he knew something was “not right” with the child based on the “color and odor of his vomit.”

Instead of calling for medical help, Oglesby reportedly laid next his son on the couch and began “rubbing his body for comfort.” He then reportedly took an ice pop from the freezer and put it against his son’s neck, but the boy did not move.

“[Oglesby] admitted that something was wrong with [the victim] but he was afraid and did not want to call the police for help because we would not understand his method of discipline,” the affidavit reportedly stated. “[Oglesby] stated he did not want to lose custody of [his son] and so he chose not to call to get help.”

A court reportedly awarded Oglesby custody of his son in February 2021.

After CPR failed to resuscitate the boy, Oglesby told police he “knew the child was dead,” per KTNV. He reportedly sent a text message to his sister saying his son died because “he had whipped him too hard,” then smoked marijuana and called 911. The 911 dispatcher instructed Oglesby to perform CPR on his son, but Oglesby reportedly refused, saying he had already tried CPR and it did not work.

Oglesby is scheduled to appear before a judge in Henderson on Monday.

12 thoughts on “Dad “Accidently” Beats 5-Year-Old Son to Death

  1. ….this story is for all those people who speak joyously about being beaten as a child and how well it worked for them. There is never a need to beat a child. And yes, “spanking” is beating.

    1. No, a spanking is not a beating. A spanking with a bare open palm on the buttocks and not a draw back hard spank, is not a beating. Sometimes a spanking, done properly and not in a fit of anger, does wonders. It will get a child’s attention. I used to spank my children, before they got the spanking I would tell them why they were getting a spanking and then have them repeat the “why” and then tell them after they got their spanking, they then would tell me again “why” they got the spanking. They understood “why”, and guess what, I think I spanked my kids only 2 or 3 times in their entire life. They understood what they did wrong and why it was wrong. My son never grew up smoking, drinking or doing drugs, my son is now 52, my daughter is 54, as far as I know she has never smoked or done drugs, she does have a beer or wine and this week, decided to get a rose tat in honor of her Mother is is now passed. Nothing wrong with a spanking, NEVER a beating, there is a large difference.

      1. you’re right as a kid i had many spankings growing up.when i did something wrong! and because of that i grew up a much better man!but in today’s world it is called child abuse which is taking dicipline out of the hands of you wonder why we have so many unruly kids growing up!

    2. Very sad story it breaks my heart but your so wrong a spanking is a spanking and a good for of discipline but this wasn’t a dancing on the butt this was a torture and a beating from a grown man on drugs and a small child . And thats the problem here .
      The problem with our society is all the snowflakes being raised thinking they are owed and they can do znything they want theres no
      respect for anything a spanking on the ass is ok dont tell me its not look at all the sissy that we have to deal with and criminals we all have to deal with it because no one was there teaching them right from wrong Democrats way . This guy in this sad story wasn’t a father he was a thug and a drug addict and pot head and thats a huge problem too in America no one is held accountable for anything this is Bidens America. My heart breaks for this young child as he was beaten to death by a grown man whos a killer not a father . As a father would never do that a swat in the butt and explaining what is not excepablle and why .
      But thus was a murder and a beating big difference. I’ve raised 5 kids do please stop with the this is why you don’t spank it wasn’t a spanking .

  2. Right you are, No accident here. He beat the little one to death. And so it is. Son of a bitch.

  3. How do they give custody to someone this stupid, and also lacking in any human feelings?? “Something not right???”– this guy deserves what he dished out on that poor kid. 5 years old– Still a baby in my eyes! The only positive thing is that he doesn’t have to continue to live under unbearable circumstances. Sweet Jesus, show this child love and kindness!


  5. That was absolutely no “accident”!! Why was nobody checking on the child after dad was awarded custody? Somebody dropped the ball.
    As for the commenter about the Trump rally…. YOU NEED A BEATING to see the reality of what your senile president is doing to our country!

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