Fox News has a New Russian Conspiracy Theory

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday parroted Russian propaganda linking Hunter Biden to Ukrainian biolabs that was disseminated by the Kremlin to justify its invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier on Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry released a colorful diagram that claims to prove that President Joe Biden’s son was involved in funding a secret U.S. bioweapons plot in Ukraine.

Several commentators predicted the claim would end up on Fox News, where Hunter Biden theories are ever-popular. Julia Davis, a columnist for The Daily Beast who monitors Russian media, suggested it was crafted with hopes of getting a Fox News feature.

Hours later, it got its shoutout.

Citing a report in the right-wing website National Pulse, Carlson said, ”Apparently a private equity firm run by Hunter Biden funded some of the research into pathogens in these biolabs.”

“What are the outlines of that story? We’re not sure,” he continued. “We know it’s legitimate to ask what it means, why wouldn’t it be? You’re not a Russian agent repeating discredited Putin talking points if you ask. You’re a good citizen.”

Russia’s baseless claims about American biological warfare labs in Ukraine have taken root in U.S. right-wing networks in recent weeks. Despite repeated debunking from U.S. officials, Carlson has devoted considerable airtime to promoting the conspiracy theory, appearing to side with the Kremlin over the U.S. government.

The Fox News host has repeatedly pushed pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine talking points as Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his war on the neighboring nation.

Multiple excerpts from Carlson’s show have been translated to serve as propaganda on Russian state-sponsored TV. Earlier this month, Mother Jones detailed a leaked memo in which the Kremlin asked state-controlled media to highlight Carlson “as much as possible” due to his criticism of the U.S. and its NATO allies and defense of Russia.


  • Fox News host Tucker Carlson is a right-wing extremist and a traitor to democracy. It is very odd that Carlson has become Putin’s propaganda’s pawn in the USA during the Russian’s invasion of Ukraine.

    • biden does not want ukraine to win this war. its only purpose was to draw russia and china to the south…and cause enough global turmoil to inspire…or manipulate people around the world to sign a future treaty addressing similiar threats in the future…ie “the new world order.

      not sending jets…

      ukraine has brilliant IT people and resources. it would be a relatively simple thing to hack operations software and firmware in the various systems found within these aorcraft once they have physical posssesion of these systems.
      these aircraft become unusable if not updated on a regular basis…connecting with strategic servers here in the usa. those comms are a distinct vulnerability that we cannot afford to give ukraine.

      particularly if they do not prevail against russia.

      at that time putin will have those aircraft and his engineers will parse those systems to the last bit.

      russia escalted his hostilities as soon as it became apparent that civilians were becoming an unexpected force that had to be reckoned with.

      fighting another nations military is one thing…there are treaties and guidlines for these things.

      when civilians become combatants, the oppositional forces are multiplied and the theater of operations must also nessecarily be broadened to include all threats. that includes infrastructure used by combatants…military or otherwise.

      NATO and the US recognize this but wont admit it. it is in their best interests to spin it as a war crime rather than a logical response to a tangible threat escalation.

      i know this isnt what people want to hear and i wishthings were different but it is the factual truth.

    • Looks like the world now has 3 axis’s of evil… The Russians, the Chinese, and the American Communist party.

      Note: the Iranians didn’t make this list as they and the American Communists are one of the same Terrorist group.

  • Ridiculous article. Even the extreme partisan leftist democrats in the US State Department begrudgingly admitted to funding over 30 bioweapons labs in Ukraine because they’ve been caught red-handed.

  • You never get the answer you want if you never ask the question

  • Well, I find it interesting that the media accepts Government explanations and denials when Hunter’s father is the corrupt Brandon. Interesting also how they debunk anything coming from the right and laud anything coming from the Left in the very club to which they belong. You can be sure if they deny it, it is true. Hunter Biden and a host of other Democrats and sympathizers should be in jail if justice were to be truly served. There is a saying “follow the money”. I am certain if you had legitimate investigations, you would find out that a great deal of foreign money has been used to bribe a vast number of politicians, educators and corporate interests to generate the kind of Leftist sympathy we see today. If the Leftist medai hadn’t become so biased and caught lying so many times they might have some credibility. However, if you had a friend who you knew lied to you all the time how could you ever trust them to tell you the truth unless you just don’t care. Well that is the relationship of the Left. No ethics, no morals, no common sense, no logic and almost total hypocrisy. Do as I say not as I do (because what I say is nonsense to start with). Just sayin’.

  • I would believe anything Tucker says more than what you or the government says. Fox News is the voice of Americans way more than you could ever hope. Fake news is your name and hate is your game.

  • Tucker Carlson should be fired. This latest conspiracy theory just adds to the numerous false news efforts that Carlson has tormented. He is our current day “Axis Sally”

  • New York post printed the emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop which has stated he was funding a bio-lab. Tucker is telling you what you can’t handle hearing but you better open your eyes because once you know what they have done you will realize something needs to be done to these people so it stops now.

  • All the EVIL politicians that are gambling with our country and our lives should be put to DEATH.

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