Ghost Captured by YouTuber Freaks Out the Internet

The housing market is difficult right now, to say the least. It’s nigh impossible to find a home in a decent location that won’t swallow up your paycheck. So, when you find a steal, you have to jump on it.

Until you realize that house is incredibly haunted.

Such is the case with YouTube creator Yama Q. Over the past year, he’s captured some incredible paranormal occurrences that look like something out of Paranormal Activity.

Yama Q’s channel started off with simple home renovation videos. He mentioned that the previous owner died in the bathroom, which sets a rather ominous tone. From there he’d show off the kinds of curtains he was installing, the size of each room, and more.

But this quickly shifts into documents of the paranormal. Weird noises emanate from the bathroom at 3 AM every night. Doors open on their own.

So, he does what anyone would do: sets up a GoPro in the bathroom to capture the activity. And boy does he capture it. Whatever’s happening here isn’t subtle by any stretch of the imagination. The activity starts right away and it isn’t just little things. Something slams on closed doors, knocks over bathroom supplies, and just wants to make itself known.

The Wailing Voices

Four months ago, Yama uploaded one of his most terrifying videos to date. In the middle of the night, Yama walks outside with his camera to film a sound.

That sound is revealed to be loud sobbing and screaming from an unseen source. It keeps getting louder and armed with a pot of boiling water, Yama heads outside to try and figure out where it’s all coming from. Filming with both a thermal imaging camera and his phone, he tries to find the entity.

While he never sees anything on either camera, he pinpoints where the screams are coming from. That’s where the water comes in.

While there isn’t necessarily any visual evidence, there’s no denying something strange is happening here. The mangled cries reverberate through the street as Yama douses something in boiling water. It stopped the cries for the night, but not permanently. Yama still hears them frequently. It’s not just a scream, either. It’s something, or someone, full of anguish and pain. And it’s, um, horrific.

A Haunted History

But this isn’t just about capturing ghosts on camera. Yama does in-depth research about his neighborhood and the previous owner to try and find some sort of explanation for what’s going on. Through his research, he discovers that he lives right across from an ancient Japanese burial mound.

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That’s not all. He found records at the library documenting a survey in the 1970s where human remains here found near his home, including teeth.

Yama has been uploading content to his channel for about a year and, as of five days ago, still regularly updates subscribers with his latest experiences. Watching his videos is like watching a found footage movie unfold in real-time. Yes, we can poke holes in each video and question their validity.

But, where’s the fun in that? Regardless of how true his content is, Yama is providing a glimpse into the world of the paranormal that sends shivers down our spines.

What do you think about this? Real or Fake?


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