LeBron James Wins Worst Actor Award

One of LeBron’s motivations for signing with the Los Angeles Lakers was to grow his brand beyond basketball. Part of that plan was to get into the movie business. LeBron produced and starred in Space Jam: A New Legacy. 

His acting in the film earned him an award he’s not likely to add to his trophy room. 

Worst Actor

Each year, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation highlights the worst movies and acting performances of the year. LeBron beat out the rest of the field, including Mark Wahlberg, to capture the 2021 Worst Actor Razzie.

James has been known to sell a foul or two on the hardwood, but Hollywood doesn’t seem to suit him quite as well.

Worst Screen Couple


That wasn’t the only Razzie award Space Jam took home. 

There’s a lot of LeBron James-versus-Michael Jordan debates, but according to the Razzie voters, Jordan did a much better job acting with his Looney Tunes co-stars. The foundation was sure to specify that it wasn’t just one character in particular that James didn’t mesh with. They specified “any Warner cartoon character”. Ouch.                                                       

Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel


Hollywood is full of remakes, some are well-received. Some, are not. LeBron’s Space Jam: A New Legacy even beat out thef Tom & Jerry the Movie to capture it’s third Razzie.

Rotten Tomatoes, the popular movie and television review website, gave the film a 26% (out of 100%) on the Tomatometer. Critics did however give LeBron an “A” for effort.

“Despite LeBron James’ best efforts to make a winning team out of the Tune Squad, Space Jam: A New Legacy trades the zany, meta humor of its predecessor for a shameless, tired exercise in IP-driven branding.”

LeBron is one of the most successful athletes of all-time so winning a few Razzies isn’t likely to keep him up at night. 

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