Alex Jones is Hiding from Court

A Connecticut judge found Infowars host Alex Jones in contempt Wednesday after he failed to appear for a deposition in a lawsuit filed by victims’ families in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Jones’ lawyer said.

The judge, Barbara Bellis, said Jones will face a per-weekday fine starting at $25,000 until he sits for two days of depositions, the lawyer, Norm Pattis, said in a filing. The penalty, which “increases by $25,000 per-weekday,” is set to begin Friday.

Bellis said Jones hadn’t produced enough evidence to support his claim that he missed a deposition last week because of health problems.

In November, Bellis found Jones liable for damages over his claims that the Dec. 14, 2012, school shooting — which left 20 first graders and six educators dead — was a hoax. 

The deposition is for a coming trial that will determine how much Jones should pay the families of eight victims and an FBI agent involved in the case. The group has said they’ve faced death threats and harassment over Jones’ claims.

Jones has since said he believes the shooting occurred.

In the filing, Pattis cited a scheduling conflict and asked Bellis to delay the fines until April 11. It wasn’t immediately clear how she would rule.

The victims’ families on Tuesday rejected an offer from Jones to pay each of them $120,000. Lawyers for the plaintiffs called the proposal a “transparent and desperate attempt by Alex Jones to escape a public reckoning under oath with his deceitful, profit-driven campaign against the plaintiffs and the memory of their loved ones lost at Sandy Hook.”

In the filing, Jones’ lawyers said he “extends his heartfelt apology for any distress his remarks caused.”


  • Alex Jones has nothing to hide! This article is regurgitating false information being peddled by the mainstream media propagandists.

    He is on air 5-6 days a week, for several hours at a time. This topic comes up often and the whole thing is an absolute charade. Alex Jones didn’t kill those kids. Adam Lanza did!

    Whether you agree with this man or not, he is an American and has 1st amendment protections that have been violated in the name of political correctness. This is an atrocity and should be concerning to all Americans.

    He discussed his views on this tragic shooting on air 2-3 times, and it turned into a media circus because he’s been so effective in shining a light on the scum in this country who have been actively trying to subvert the sovereignty of our nation, for so many years.

    Once this issue came about, the sharks seized the opportunity to take him down and censor him into oblivion.

    He wasn’t given a fair trial. He was found guilty by default judgment which is unconstitutional. And now, the leftist judge is holding him in contempt for missing 1 deposition. What a joke!

    These people have sold out this country and will take down anyone who attempts to stand in their way. Wake up and pay attention before it happens to YOU! Just like so many other issues that you think you know about, you’re being lied to…….. The facts are out there, but they’re constantly being suppressed in favor of a political narrative that is not in our best interests….

  • WHY do Jones and his followers say such idiotic things?

    • Say what you want. But let’s deal in factual information and come to a rational conclusion. If we’re starting at a deficit because we’re being fed lies, how can we make a fair assessment of what actually going on? Do you really think that the reporting on this topic is fair and balanced? Do you really believe what you’ve been told?

      The mainstream media consistently peddles in falsehoods and demonizes anyone they feel is a threat to the establishment agenda. They do as they’re told by their corporate masters. And they certainly can’t be trusted for truth.

      Think about how insane this court case even is…

      A man in America questioned whether or not something happened organically or if it was provoked by bad actors or possibly staged completely. It’s not this is completely out of the realm of possibility. Fake and staged incidents have to been used to sway people’s opinions and start wars, and accomplish all sorts of horrible things, for a very long time.

      While questioning this particular situation was hurtful to the people affected, it’s not a crime to question things. Hurting peoples feelings shouldn’t be used as the means to take out a political opponent by suing them and trying to make them pay millions of dollars in damages.

      For the people of Sandy Hook that have suffered, what is money going to do to ease their pain? It’s illogical to associate this man’s comments with some form of justice. Demonizing him for things he said does nothing to make things right. All it does is attempt to take him off the air and make him go away and stop covering the corruption of government and the corporate fascists currently running our country. This is a man who has been questioning the mainstream narrative for almost 30 years. Doesn’t he have the right to do so?

      This is a sad state of affairs when Americans freedom of speech can be used as a weapon to cancel them from society.

  • why do democrats lie steal and cheat ?

  • When a person fights people without souls ( the devil trades fame & fortune. POWER ) for people’s souls; You make real enemies.One just has to look at the NEVER ENDING Witch Hunt over President Trump and friends to see what these people have been up to

  • How much do the clowns who say the moon landing was fake owe?Then there was that thing with Hitler that a bunch of fools say never happened. – Saying killing those kids never happened is just as dumb as saying that superman is a real person. These people ever think about “consider the source” – The guy is a clown but these people that say he damaged them by making an inane statement are even bigger buffoons then he is.

    Here is a fact, Anybody that believes the shootings never happened is dumb enough to have voted for barndon. From my house there is no basis for this lawsuit and it just another scam the only wastes the court’s time in the name of something for nothing created by greedy shysters.

    Maybe it’s just me,,,,,but the kids are dead and nothing we will ever do can bring them back,,,,and it makes me sick when anybody, let alone their parents, try to make money off the tragic end of their young lives.

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