Chris Rock Breaks Silence on Slap

In his first time onstage since the Oscars, comedian Chris Rock said Wednesday he’s not quite ready to talk or joke about what happened when Will Smith slapped him Sunday.

“I’m still kind of processing what happened,” he told a sold-out crowd at The Wilbur, adding that at some point he would delve more deeply into the incident but that he wasn’t ready just yet.

Rock, dressed in all white, was greeted with two standing ovations before he ever began his set.

“Let me do a show, yo,” he told the cheering crowd. “You got me all misty.”

He jokingly asked the audience, “How was your weekend?” before he hinted at the slap and told fans that his performance wouldn’t be focused on it.

“I had a whole show written before this weekend,” he said.

Rock’s comments and the first of his back-to-back shows came hours after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said it had begun disciplinary proceedings against Smith.

The crowd at The Wilbur, which had a distinctive comedy club atmosphere on the bottom and a traditional theater vibe in the mezzanine, roared at Rock’s jokes. Covering everything from Covid and politics to daughters Lola and Zahra, the set seemed like a return to form for Rock.

But a heckler stopped the show twice. At one point, a person who appeared to be a member of security stepped onto the stage behind Rock.

As the person shouted, Rock commented, “Is this going to be the tour now?”

The Boston Police Department said Thursday morning that an officer on patrol near the theater heard a loud disturbance inside and found staffers trying to remove two audience members who were refusing to wear masks.

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One of the audience members complied with the mask request, but “Kaleb Herd, 25, of Quincy, became increasingly agitated, yelling loudly, disrupting the show, and physically assaultive toward the officer and theater staff,” police said.

The officer removed Herd from the theater and used pepper spray on him because Herd continued to try to assault the officer, according to police.

Herd was taken into custody and will be charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, assault and battery on a police officer resisting arrest, and assault and battery, according to police.

Some comedians have expressed fears that crowds could become more hostile since the incident at the Oscars.


  • It had nothing to do with ROCK, or the incident it had to do with Government over reach and a CITIZENS Rights not to wear a ace diaper for a man made bio weapon the government created to destroy your physical freedoms

  • Will Smith is a disgrace and does not deserve the Oscar he received and the Academy should rescind the award and remove from records.
    His behavior revealed the street thug aggression that lies just below the surface!

  • I am so sick of this crap. 2 men have an ongoing argument and one gets his face slapped, BFD.

    The people making such a “tempest in a teacup” out of this are the same jackass party members that supported blm and antifa during the last 2 years while they destroyed public and private property, looted and burned businesses, killed and tried to kill people, yet they are up in arms about a (real) man that defended his wife.

    What a bunch of jackasses.

  • Exactly what you are herb. By the way, a real man doesn’t slap another man they punch him.

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