This Man is Married to 5 Women and has 24 Kids

You’re about to meet a polygamist family so controversial that even other polygamists disapprove of their ways.

Brady Williams is a former church bishop with five wives and 24 kids. The family of 30 lives in two homes right next to one another, with each wife and her kids getting their own space.

In 2014, the unconventional family opened their doors for an unprecedented peek inside their home in Salt Lake City, UT.

Brady’s wives are Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda. Every night, Brady rotates between them so that each wife gets to sleep with him every fifth night. If it’s one of their birthdays, however, they get to spend an extra night with their husband.

Oh, and then there’s the Brady Pillow…

The Williams family used to be fundamentalist mormons, but transitioned into “progressive polygamists.” Because their lifestyles include imbibing alcohol and expressing their more open-minded beliefs, the family has been shunned by other more traditional polygamist families. The Williamses describe themselves as misfits who are treated like outsiders by their community.

“It’s not that complicated. We love each other,” Brady says. “It’s just normal times five.”

What do you think of Brady Williams and his five wives?


  • Come on man. He’s our President.

  • I’d tell him to take a long walk off of a short pier. LOL, he is a narcissist that thinks he’s better than he is OR these women think so little of themselves they think they are being loved instead of just used.

  • Theodore+Dornan

    If it were not for the polygyny, the children of Israel would not have been 12 tribes, but Yahuah (KJV: “the LORD”) blessed Jacob with four wives to produce those children. Would Yahuah do something WRONG?

  • Interesting. How would society react if a woman simultaneously had five husbands?

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