Bride Charged for Attacking Mother with Stiletto

Claire Goodbrand, 26, grabbed her mother Cherry-Ann Lindsay, 47, by the hair before putting her hands around her throat during a brawl at her wedding, leaving the grandmother fearing for her life.

Ms. Goodbrand, a mother of four, pleaded guilty to assault this week. She had also struck her mother on the head with a shoe while she was on the ground.

Her new husband and professional boxer Eamonn Goodbrand, 33, and his brother Kieran, who was the best man, were also involved in the fight at The Vu wedding venue at Ballencrieff Toll, Bathgate, West Lothian in June 2019.

Ms Lindsay today stated that she has now “disinherited” her daughter, ensuring that “she’ll get nothing” of what she leaves behind – which includes two properties and a caravan.

She told the Scottish Sun that the men were slurring their words during speeches following a day of heavy drinking.

She said: “When Eamonn finished he said to me, ‘thanks, Mom, for the money.’ That’s all they care about.

“I started getting panicky. My daughter’s an only child. I had two properties, a caravan and life insurance. Everything goes to her.

“After the wedding I changed all the paperwork and disinherited her so she’ll get nothing.”

The disturbed grandmother added that she had also been to court in order to evict her daughter and Eamonn from a property she had allowed them to stay in before they tied the knot.

Ms Lindsay said that the wedding day felt like “a sick joke”, with her bride daughter “swearing like a banshee” and the boys “drinking beer and falling over each other”.

She sensed that there was “trouble brewing” at the wedding, but did not expect it to escalate.

She added: “I’ve moved away and I don’t want them to know where I am now.”

A neighbour said that the couple have recently been living in separate homes in Glasgow – although still see each other.

The groom and best man joined the brawl after Ms Goodbrand attacked her mother and Ms Lindsay’s partner, David Boyd, 40.

Mr Boyd was punched and kicked by the two brothers, who also pushed their thumbs into his eyes, bit him and grabbed him by the neck.

Kieran Goodbrand also punched and kicked another guest, Garry Brown.

Pictures taken before disaster erupted show the couple happy together on the dance floor – with CCTV later capturing the violence that would break out.

Police were called and the bride, groom and best man, all from Uddingston, Lanarkshire, were arrested and held in custody.

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