Hope Solo Arrested After Passing Out in a Car with Her Children

Hope Solo, a former goalkeeper for the US women’s national soccer team, was arrested after she was found passed out behind the wheel of her car with her 2-year-old twins in a Walmart parking lot in North Carolina.

Police in Winston-Salem arrested the 40-year-old on Thursday on charges of driving while impaired, resisting a public officer, and misdemeanor child abuse, the Associated Press reported.

Solo had allegedly been passed out for more than an hour with the engine of the vehicle running while her two young children were in the backseat when she was noticed by a passerby.

AP reported that a responding officer with the Winston-Salem police department arrived at the scene and could smell alcohol on her breath. When he attempted to administer a field sobriety test, Solo refused, and a blood sample was taken instead.

Solo was released from jail and is scheduled to appear in court on June 28.

Rich Nichols, an attorney for the double Olympic gold medalist, posted a statement on Solo’s Instagram account Friday, saying there was more to the story than what the charges suggested, but that his client could not speak about what happened.

“On the advice of counsel, Hope can’t speak about this situation, but she wants everyone to know that her kids are her life, that she was released immediately and is now at home with her family, that the story is more sympathetic than the initial charges suggest, and that she looks forward to her opportunity to defend these charges,” Nichols said.

Solo, who is married to former NFL player Jerramy Stevens, gave birth to twins in 2020 after eight years of marriage.

The pair’s relationship began with controversy when after two months of dating, Stevens was arrested for domestic violence.

Police reportedly used a stun gun to break up the fight between Solo and Stevens. He was released because of a lack of evidence in the case and was never charged. They got married the following day.

Solo is regarded as a highly-decorated athlete with a world championship and two Olympic gold medals to her name, but it all came to an end when she formally retired in 2016.

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The decision came after she received a second suspension and was fired from the U.S. Women’s National Team, following an incident in which she called the Swedish team “cowards” for their defensive tactics when they clashed at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

She has also had frequent run-ins with law enforcement.

In 2014, Solo was arrested following an incident at her home in Seattle where she was accused of assaulting her sister and her nephew. She pleaded “not guilty” to domestic violence charges which were later dismissed.

In another incident involving her husband, the soccer star was handed a 30-day suspension after Stevens was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Solo was with her husband when he was apprehended while driving the U.S. Soccer team van which ultimately led to her penalty.

Solo is due to be inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame on May 21 at a ceremony in Frisco, Texas.


  • 1PatriotForever

    OH wait its another Jussie Smolette story – where’s the rope?

    • From the sound of the story…..THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER and those children should be wards of the COURT…….

  • Not someone you’d want ti post a picture of on a Wheaties cereal bix.

  • Would like gifted/notable sports people to be life role models for our youth. The youth watch sports and are eager to know about famous sportsmens’ lives. Maybe all US citizens could encourage good role-modeling.

  • Missed being a good role-model. Wasted talent.

  • Wasted talent…could have been a positive role model.

  • Oh those sweet and lovely soccer ladies are truly marketing nightmares.

  • Marshall P. Williams

    I know about DWI, but I have never heard of Parking While Intoxicated. She was NOT driving!!! She was in a parking lot!! All the rest of those “charges” are just police BS. Leave her alone. No one was hurt, they should have just let her sleep it off.

    • You have bats in your belfry……leaving two children in the back seat while she sleeps it off is not the sign of a good parent……..

    • You must be another inane person that thinks a “sleeping if off DUI” with 2 kids in back seat is okay…..Hope your kids live with their grandparents………..

  • The normal citizen would have been in prison not immediately released to go home. These so-called celebrities get tons of breaks but aren’t smart enough to take advantage of them. She doesn’t sound or look like someone who should be inducted into a hall of fame although she was a force to contend with in goal. Sounds like her problems started long before her retirement and has a husband who isn’t much help.

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