The “Most Compelling” Loch Ness Monster Sighting Yet

An alleged sighting of the famous mythical beast the Loch Ness Monster has been claimed for the second time in 2022 – this time appearing on a boat’s sonar, 400ft below the surface.

Tom Ingram, 36, from Portsmouth, was on a tourist boat cruise across Loch Ness when he says he spotted something “big” on the sonar, which passengers can view as part of the experience.

The moving object was around 410ft beneath the surface and about 30ft long – and spotted in the same place as a supposed different sonar sighting of the monster two years ago.

Tom’s screengrab of the sonar has now been accepted by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register as the second spotting of Nessie in 2022.

Tom said: “We decided to take one of the regular cruises from Fort Augustus to get some scenic photos of the loch whilst we are here.

“At around the half way point , just off Invermoriston, we were alerted to a strange shape forming on the sonar. At first, we thought it was part of the cruise – something for the tourists – but it quickly became apparent that what we were looking at was in real time and big.

“I’d class myself as ‘open minded’ [about the existence of Nessie], of course we are aware of the myth, but to actually see something big on the sonar like that, took us both by surprise.

“At first, we were excited and then puzzled as to what we had seen. It certainly adds to the mystery!”

In 2020 shocking images of a large creature in the depths of Loch Ness were also allegedly captured on sonar off Invermoriston, by skipper Ronald Mackenzie aboard his Spirit of Loch Ness tourist boat.

They were said at the time to be the “most compelling” evidence of the existence of a Loch Ness Monster, with the object estimated to be 32ft long and 500ft beneath the water.

Leading sonar expert Craig Wallace described the sonar images as “very curious” as there were “large, clear and distinct contacts, all strangely near to the loch bed”.

Nessie expert Steve Feltham, who has set a world record for the longest vigil of looking for the Loch Ness Monster – now 30 years long – also claimed: “The sonar image – together with the previous ones – are now the best evidence of something big and deep down in the loch.

“Mr Ingram’s image proves there is something large down there and his image is 100 percent genuine.

“That tourist boat has been regularly picking up contacts in that area for the last two years. So some large creature has moved into that territory. This is another step towards finding out what Nessie is.

“I’m still inclined to think she is a large fish of some sort, my best guess is a Wels catfish.”

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  • Where is Jacques-Yves Cousteau when you need him?……….The submarine DEEP SEA CHALLENGER was able to film the Ocean’s bottom in that sub……..What a shame that technology in this century cannot do the same…….

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