Drunk Man Runs Over Wife in Airport Parking Lot After Vacation

A Utah man is facing a vehicular homicide charge after allegedly running over and killing his wife at a local airport.

Shawn Sturgeon, 38, “ran over his wife” while driving an SUV in the short-term parking garage at the Salt Lake City International Airport, a release from police said, adding that the pair had just come back from vacation.

The Salt Lake City Police Department added in the release that Airport Police Dispatch was alerted of a collision Monday afternoon.

Local officers “immediately responded” to the scene, where they found Charlotte Sturgeon, 29, who had suffered critical injuries. She was taken to the hospital “where she died, despite lifesaving efforts being performed on scene at the airport and at the hospital,” the release said.

Police later discovered Shawn allegedly ran over Charlotte in the parking garage before driving his SUV, “with his wife critically injured inside, to the airport parking payment booths where he asked for help.”

Officers from the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Airport Division reached Shawn before he was able to leave. Police also said that since Shawn drove from the garage to the payment booth, they are investigating both sites as crime scenes.

He was arrested on one count of Automobile Homicide – Criminal Negligence DUI of Alcohol/Drugs.

The Salt Lake City Police Department tells PEOPLE it has no further information to provide.

A police report said that Shawn appeared to be drunk during the incident as his eyes were glassy and bloodshot, and the smell of alcohol was coming from his car, ABC4 reports. Once in custody, Shawn said he “ran my wife over,” “killed my wife” and “I accidentally ran her over,” according to the outlet.

Per ABC4, footage from the scene shows Shawn putting their young child in the backseat before getting in the driver’s seat. At the time, Charlotte stood at the back passenger door. Shawn then reversed the car, allegedly hitting his wife and dragging her 10 feet. Shawn was then seen getting out of the car and putting Charlotte in the passenger seat.

Salt Lake City police also addressed the incident on its official Twitter page and added photos from the scene.

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