‘Jesus Is My Booster’: Billy Ray Cyrus Fans Confused

Billy Ray Cyrus has caused confusion with his decision to wear a “Jesus is my booster” shirt… while receiving his Covid-19 booster dose.

The country music star, 60, shared an Instagram post on 7 April showing him receiving the booster dose at a clinic in the US, where several states are currently reporting a sharp rise in Covid infections.

In the photo, Cyrus – the father of pop star Miley Cyrus – can be seen wearing a black T-shirt with the phrase “Jesus is my booster” printed across it.

The musician’s caption read: “Jesus is my booster! Shout out to #ahardworkingman and hard working women for the daily elbow grease to keep this world safe and healthy.”

Cyrus also thanked the volunteer who administered his booster dose.

While the reaction to the post seemed mostly positive, a number of people claimed to be “disappointed” over the singer’s decision to get boosted against Covid. Many seemed to believe Cyrus’s shirt meant he was opposed to receiving the vaccine.

“Eeeeek I leave my health and immunity in healthy eating vitamins and Jesus,” one claimed.

Another comment read: “You took it???? So much for Jesus being your booster”

“Pretty disappointed to see this” one person wrote.

“Are we all still falling for the vaccine thing?” another remarked.

Meanwhile, fans thanked Cyrus “doing his part” and taking the vaccine as recommended by health and science officials.

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The Independent has contacted Cyrus’s representative for comment.

FDA vaccine chief Dr Peter Marks told reporters last week that he would not be surprised if the agency authorised another booster dose in autumn, to protect most Americans against the latest coronavirus mutations.

He also issued a warning that waning vaccine protection, new variants and colder weather later this year could raise the risk of more surges.


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