Law Student Dies After Eating ‘Cannabis Gummies’

A 23-year-old business law student who died after eating a suspected cannabis sweet has been pictured.

Damilola Olakanmi, from Ilford, east London, bought the ‘gummies’ through a messaging app and they were delivered to her home where she fell ill.

The Hertfordshire University student was rushed to the Hospital but died on April 2.

Her 21-year-old friend – a US student visiting the UK – was also seen by medics but was discharged after treatment.

Ms Olakanmi’s mother Wumi, 51, had kept a vigil next to her bed until she passed away on Saturday night.

Her friend Richard Taylor, 75, told the Standard: ‘Wumi has lost her only child – she has nothing now.

‘They had to hold her up because she broke down every time a friend came to the house to give support.

‘It’s a tragic warning to all young people about how they live their lives. They should resist drugs.

‘Damilola was a promising young woman who should be looking forward to her future and having children of her own. She was studying law.’

Leon Brown, 37, of South Norwood, was arrested on Friday in connection with the incident.

He was charged with possession with intent to supply Class B synthetic cannabinoid, being concerned in the supply of a synthetic cannabinoid, and possession with intent to supply a psychoactive substance.

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The Met said he was found in possession of a large quantity of cash and what were believed to be edible cannabis products.

Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell, of the Met’s East Area Basic Command Unit, said: ‘I must warn the public against taking any illegal substances, including those packaged in the form of cannabis sweets.

‘Please do not buy or consume these products. They are illegal and, because of the child-friendly packaging, they can pose a risk of accidental consumption.

‘The particular batch of sweets were contained in packaging featuring Trrlli Peachie O’s branding.

‘It has not been confirmed at this stage where the sweets were manufactured. Drug dealers harm communities and risk the safety of individuals.

‘We will take positive action to target those engaged in this activity as well as those found in possession of these substances.’

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