Arrested: Teacher Accidentally Shows Class Dirty Video

A Klein Collins High School teacher has been fired after accidentally displaying pornography in a classroom, district officials have confirmed.

The teacher has been identified as Kevin Welchel. He is facing a charge for the display of harmful material to a minor.

Many parents couldn’t believe the news while others said Welchel was a good teacher.

“That is something that is very, very unprofessional. Something that is very inappropriate. Something that should not have happened,” one parent said.

“He was an excellent teacher and our children loved him so it’s really unfortunate that this happened, and hopefully, somehow it will work itself out,” one parent said.

KPRC 2 reached out to the Klein Independent School District after receiving a tip from a viewer.

The viewer reported that a teacher was watching a video of the adult content on a school laptop and somehow it ended up showing on a projector during class time.

“It’s not shocking because people do watch that and there are sick people out there in the world. They better get right with God,” one woman said.

KPRC 2 also tried speaking to Welchel at his home, but no one was there. Neighbors were shocked.

“Our relations with Kevin and his wife have always been very positive. They are very active and supportive parents to their two children. I think this allegation needs to be checked out thoroughly,” the couple said.

KPRC 2 spoke to attorney and legal analyst Cordt Akers about the charge Welchel is facing.

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“Based on the facts we have, this is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail. The defensive to this the only intent he had was scientific or educational, but based on the facts we have I don’t think this material is going to cut that,” Akers said.

In a statement Klein ISD said,

“The individual was immediately removed and is no longer employed by the district. Charges have been filed by police and all appropriate legal action will be taken to the fullest extent of the law. The district does not tolerate such unacceptable conduct.”

The Klein ISD Police Department is investigating.


  • So how come you NEVER said WHERE this happened? What TOWN, what STATE?

    • It’s the Klein ISD in Spring, Texas…guess he was “working” on something before class began and accidentally started to show it to his students… We here in Texas are all not like that, but I guess he’d thought that no one would report him.

    • I copied and pasted the name of the HS into a search engine and “20811 Ella Blvd, Spring, TX 77388” immediately came up. What’s so difficult about that?

  • Same comment from me! Where?????

  • For some reason my mind first went to Texas, then to Florida, but Texas it was. What it doesn’t say is how long the feature played, if he stopped it as soon as he realized it. Let’s not be against pornography, but let us admit it should not have been on a school laptop. Considering the internet access to porn and the fact that this was high school, I doubt he corrupted them, so I think the main problem here is the time the poem ran. If that was interrupted quickly, then the main problem is it being on a laptop that was school property. I think it fair that he be held accountable for that transgression, but to lose his employment seems a little much, or rather a lot much.

    • To those responders here who think there is nothing wrong with pornography, let me suggest you attend a few Sunday School lessons. It might enlighten you to what is right and what is wrong.

      • I taught Sunday school but I guess my problem is that I’m just not self righteous enough for your type. But if you want a little refresher course try to remember Mary Madeline or perhaps nicodemus. Forgiveness in one hand and condemnation in the other. Which hand would Jesus extend. Tell me that Christian.

  • I am a retired educator with 35 years of experience and any teacher pulling a stunt like that should have been treated exactly as he was.
    The problem with many people today is they have no logic, common sense, sense of ethics or morality. They think whatever they want to do is fine and it doesn’t matter one iota whether people like it or not. However, when they are in fact punished then they wine like babies and claim they are being discriminated against in one fashion or the other. We are dealing with a significant number of people in our country today who have crossed the line and are totally out of control.

  • The teacher had to have this Prono on his lap top or it wouldn’t have come up. Accident? maybe, but it should not have been on the lap top he was looking at in class.. These kind of ””ACCIDENTS”””” TELLS YOU THE TYPE OF PERSON THAT EVEN HAS IT ON HIS PC.

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