Girl With Longest Legs In The World Has Joined OnlyFans

The girl with the longest legs in the world has joined OnlyFans in an effort to promote body positivity. 

Maci Currin, 19, hit the headlines last year when she beat not one, but two Guinness World Records for her 4ft 5in legs. 

Not only did she bag the title of ‘longest legs (female)’, but she was also named as having the ‘longest legs on a teenager’.  

And if that weren’t incredible enough, the teen from Texas, US, is 6ft 10in tall, meaning her legs make up 60 percent of her total height. 

The tall teen revealed that she decided to go after the record in order to inspire people everywhere to embrace their differences, which is something she’s continued to do on her TikTok and Instagram pages. 

After one of her videos went viral, she told The Sun that she initially decided to start an OnlyFans as a ‘joke’. 

Maci said: “Since [my video went viral], my family encouraged me to make posts about my height and experiences.

“Through posting, I learned self-love, self-acceptance and I wanted to try to show that being tall isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.”

Although Maci’s family are tall, none of her other siblings or parents quite match her height.

In 2020, it was announced she’d toppled the previous record holder Ekaterina Lisina, whose right and left leg measured an impressive 132cm and 133cm respectively.

Maci out-stretched her competition, with her right leg measuring in at 134cm and her left at 135cm.

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While the teen continues to promote body positivity through her various social media channels, she revealed that being as tall as she is doesn’t come without its challenges. 

“The world isn’t built for taller people and sometimes it is annoying,” she told the outlet. 

“I feel like everything is built for one size, ‘the ideal size.’ When people approach me [in public] it’s either to ask me about my height or to get a photo with me.

“I really don’t mind answering their questions, they’re just curious. The only thing I don’t like is when people take photos of me without my permission.

“It’s almost a breach of privacy – and they ain’t even slick about it.”

But overall Maci’s unique features have opened up a whole new world for her, and she continues to use her platform to inspire others. 

Speaking about her decision to join OnlyFans, she said: “I just want to prove that tall girls like myself can be as conventionally attractive as anyone else.

“I just want people to accept themselves for who they are and embrace their uniqueness.”

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