Teen Dies After Getting Liposuction Operation She Found Online

A teenager died after a doctor allegedly sucked ‘5 stone’ of fat from her body in a liposuction operation she found online.

Menna El Sayied, 19, was rushed to her surgeon in a wheelchair by her mother crying “it’s going to kill me” just over a week after the surgery.

The law student, from Egypt, was unhappy with her weight at 16st and found the plastic surgeon online wanting a quick solution.

Her mum Amal Ahmed recalled the event in heartbreaking detail to the BBC in a documentary titled Beauty’s Ugly Truth.

“I told him she’s the only daughter I have. He told me it was an easy surgery,” she said.

Menna returned for a check up eight days after surgery with her mum and aunt.

But the surgeon refused to examine her despite the teen arriving in a wheelchair and struggling to speak, her family claims.

Dr Mina Gerges denies wrongdoing

Dr Mina Gerges denies wrongdoing (Image: BBC)

“He took us into a room and she was saying ‘there’s something hard here, and it’s killing me, it’s going to kill me’,” Amal said.

The mum continued to explain how the surgeon put it down to Menna’s stitches and the family returned home.

But Menna took a turn for the worse and her family found her unconscious in bed later that evening, reports The Sun.

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She died from a blood clot on her lungs and stomach the next day.

Amal recalled the moment she was told by the doctor that her daughter was not going to die.

“He said ‘she is not going to make it. I will give her shots that dissolve clots until she passes’,” she added.

Worrying claims have been made about Egypt’s beauty industry which is one of many countries now offering cosmetic procedures at low prices.

The Egyptian Health Ministry started a campaign last year titled ‘We Take Care of You’ in a bid to boost medical tourism.

But laws in some healthcare destinations are being sidestepped and dangerous liposuction surgeries are proving deadly, according to the BBC News report.

Menna was warned by doctors that liposuction was not for her and that she just needed to diet, according to her best friend.

Shereen Ashraf recalled how Menna would ask “am I really fat?” and “am I not pretty enough” even though she was “beautiful.”

She told the show: “She meant the world to me. She found out about the surgery through the internet, those that offer curvy bodies, ones who do liposuction or gastric bypasses.”

Dr Mina Gerges was the cosmetic surgeon picked for the surgery and Menna went with her mum to meet him at his clinic.

Dr Gerges told the BBC that he did not make any errors when treating Menna and cannot comment further on her case due to patient confidentiality.

Anal quizzed the doctor over the safety of the op and was told “it was an easy surgery” and that he could even call her once it was underway.

During the procedure, Dr Gerges allegedly removed between 34kg and 36kg of fat from the teen’s body which is equal to almost 5.7lb.

Egypt has not set a legal limit on how much fat can be removed during liposuction. Meanwhile the British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) advises that no more than half a stone can be safely removed.

The organisation recently reported a 44 per cent increase in cases of botched cosmetic surgery being carried out overseas.

Dr Gerges claimed to be a member of both European and American societies of plastic surgeons, according to a video he posted on YouTube.

However, investigators at the BBC only found proof of his involvement with the Egyptian Medical Syndicate.

Undercover reporters who arranged a consultation with the doctor were told that he could remove just under three stone of fat during surgery.

He also warned of potential side effects “if the doctor is inexperienced” or if the doctor operates “without asking for tests”.

But he reassured that there is always a solution and that the patient would leave the hospital on the same day.

Menna was buried within 24 hours of her death which was recorded as an embolism after liposuction. No autopsy took place and no criminal charges have been brought.

Speaking to the Doctor’s syndicate, Dr Gerges said that Menna and her family understood any possible complications and that he prescribed anti-clotting medicine and exercise which Menna did not carry out.

He also claimed that he only removed between six and seven kilos of fat from her body.

A complaint was made against him which is still being investigated, according to the Egyptian Doctor’s Syndicate.

The Syndicate’s investigation is independent of the investigation by the prosecution which has dropped the case.

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