Explosion Obliterates Hotel in Cuban Capital Havana

A massive explosion has rocked a popular hotel in Havana as several floors were ripped apart.

There are reports of terrified guests trapped on the top floor after the the blast obliterated huge parts of the building in Cuba.

So far no details are known about what could have caused the incident at The Hotel Saratoga – or if there are casualties.

Injured people have been seen outside the building after a noise “like a bomb” was reported.

It has been claimed that Cubans saved some of the people who had been left under the rubble as videos emerged of locals trying to rescue the wounded.

The explosion at the Saratoga hotel in Havana, Cuba, has caused panic

Police and the fire rescue service have been seen searching for survivors.

Some witnesses have been tweeting from the scene as the emergency services arrived.

“A few minutes ago there was a very strong explosion in Old Havana at the Saratoga hotel near the Capitol. Ambulances and police deployment in the area,” wrote @Cuba_Libre on the platform.

Another posted: “Urgent. A few moments ago there was a strong explosion at the Saratoga hotel in Havana. Buildings for several blocks around shook.”

Videos show hundreds of people standing outside the part destroyed hotel, stunned by what they are seeing.

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The hotel is almost totally destroyed, with some of the buildings next to it also battered by the blast.

People stand outside the hotel stunned by what they have witnessed

Another witnessed saw smoke and flames coming from the building.

Buses and cars outside the hotel were also wrecked.

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