Woman Tries to Pick Mike Tyson’s Nose

Mike Tyson can’t seem to get a break these days, with fans doing all sorts of odd things to the old champion.

Meanwhile, in what seems to be the latest addition to a probable ‘annoy a formidable heavyweight’ challenge, the champ found himself embroiled in another heated exchange with a fan.

Tyson, who was in Las Vegas ahead of the Oscar Valdez vs Shakur Stevenson showdown at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, stopped to pose for pictures with fans before leaving the venue. This was when a woman leaned over and put her finger across his face.

This action visibly disgruntled Tyson, who turned around to confront the fan. She was quick to apologize for her actions, mentioning that she did not mean to anger him.

However, security staff who were escorting Tyson were able to de-escalate the situation as multiple fans gathered around.

The fan did face any repercussions for her actions, but the previous incident should be a lesson for fans. Unnecessarily prodding ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ comes with dire consequences.

The fans’ perspective on the Mike Tyson incident

The recent weeks saw Tyson being antagonized by fans on two separate occasions. However, a lot of fans sided with ‘Iron’ after these incidents.

User @SimplyZaida 29 also felt that people were unnecessarily provoking Tyson, hoping to evoke adverse reactions from the former champ.

Similarly, user @fist_yoga felt people would not have dared to do this to Tyson in his prime.

Likewise, user @Itb2408 also felt that it was high time people respected Tyson’s privacy.

Another fan @Sweetchaosfox felt people love to mess with the wrong people. In this case, a former world heavyweight champion, not to mention one of the scariest heavyweights in the history of boxing.

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User @Bernade05423306 hilariously mentioned that there was hearsay that Tyson was hosting the awards show. This seems to be a potential dig at the infamous Chris Rock vs Will Smith incident.

What do you think of Tyson’s encounter with the fan? Let us know in the comments below.

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