High-End Real Estate Agent Kidnaps Couple

A 73-year-old high-end real estate agent kidnapped a couple on a Colorado hiking trail and put a nylon leash on the woman, whom he had a history of harassing, authorities say.

Kerry Endsley, who has sold upscale homes in Denver’s suburbs for Sotheby’s and Compass, is now facing charges of kidnapping, menacing and violating a restraining order in Friday’s attack on a trail near a golf course in Lakewood, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Another man called 911 to report seeing two hikers being held at gunpoint by an assailant later identified as Endsley, who had confronted the husband and wife after kneeling down and pretending to tie his shoe, deputies said.

“As they walked [past] him, he confronted them with a handgun,” sheriff officials said in a statement. “The suspect ordered the female to the ground and put a nylon leash around her neck.”

Endsley, who had disguised himself, had a history of harassing the woman. She had previously obtained a restraining order against the real-estate agent, deputies said.

The suspect allegedly ordered the husband and wife to “come with him,” but the husband managed to wrestle away a gun, authorities said.

The couple then ran off and met responding deputies, who confronted Endsley at gunpoint. He then pulled a stun gun from his waistband and took aim at cops, who fired but missed the real-estate agent.

A second deputy then fired his Taser at Endsley, who was taken to a hospital after complaining of injuries from the stun gun, deputies said.

The kidnapped couple were not hurt.

Original Article – https://nypost.com/2022/06/21/real-estate-agent-allegedly-kidnapped-couple-leashed-woman/


  • Geronimo Antonio Schmidt

    Wow…at that age he still have the energy and desire to harras women and kidnap people…way to go.
    Seems like a testosterones treatment gone overboard.
    I heard of aggressive real estate sales people but this guy bought the cake.


  • 1Patriot Forever

    Desperate for a sale? Oh wait: Let me guess: A Liberal Democrat who hates guns but uses them to kidnap their harassed because liberals cant take NO FOR AN ANSWER?

    • Geronimo Antonio Schmidt

      Our country was founded by progressive liberals that decided on a radical system of government not seem before in the XVIII century. I am always dismissive of those people that call themselves “patriots” and are very easy making negative statements in anonymity.
      I am sure our Founding Fathers did not shy away of expressing their radical opinions under their own names…those are PATRIOTS
      Inciting division in our country because you do not agree with some points of view does NOT make you a PATRIOT.

    • Ronald Ellsworth

      Agreed! Obviously a Right Wing Nazi Nut-Job that escaped the Looney Bin. What do YOU think?

  • Iam glad there ok, that just proves protection orders don’t work. Again I’m glad you’re okay, you owe the guy who first noticed and called the cops big time

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