Woman Gets Cheap Dental Work, Could End up Permanently Disfigured

A MOM who went to Turkey to get a “Hollywood smile” on the cheap has been left sorely regretting it, after her body began “rejecting” her new teeth. Amanda Turner has been keeping people updated about her progress on her TikTok page, after booking herself in for dental crowns and root canal surgery for a cost of £2,809. 

She has had “nothing but problems” since having the surgery in Istanbul 10 weeks ago, and ended up losing the feeling in her lip and her face up to her temple, leading to her booking an emergency dental appointment.

“I can’t believe I thought it was going to solve my problems,” she sobbed in a video on TikTok. 

“And it’s just made everything worse.”

When someone on the video asked if the dentist in Turkey would help, Amanda insisted she was “never expecting” them to help because they treated her so badly when she complained about her procedure. 

“It’s been 10 long weeks. My advice to anyone looking to do this would be, ‘What price are you willing to pay?’” she sighed. 

“And I don’t mean money, I mean your pain threshold because it’s agony. I’m not joking.Every day I just feel like f**king giving up. Today more than other days, but you’ve got to keep going.”

After seeing the dentist, she was given more antibiotics – her fifth and sixth courses in the past 10 weeks. 

The swelling became more severe and started affecting her throat, at which point Amanda decided to take herself to the ER. 

“The swelling is absolutely horrendous, the pain’s terrible,” she said. 

“But there’s not much that they can do for me. Basically they think that this is inflammation. This is not an abscess. This is my body rejecting whatever the hell this is in my mouth.”

She had her gum lanced at the hospital, to get rid of some of the puss, but admitted doctors told her that she may never get the feeling back in her lip. 

“The thought of never getting the feeling back in my face is scary,” she said, failing to hold back her tears. 

“It’s not worth it, honest to God it’s not. If I could turn back time, I would have never went.  If I’d have seen the videos that I’m posting of someone else I’d have never have went.”

Amanda – who joked she looked like an “Elephant Woman” – was also told that the swelling might not fully go down as well, and she can’t go to London to have her teeth fixed until the swelling goes down. 

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  • I don’t understand why people do this. Have they not heard the horror stories of going out of the US for certain procedures that could do more harm than good or even death? Yes, the US is expensive & sometimes extremely unfair, but at least they are sanitary and know that they could lose their licenses for horrific procedures.

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