The View Hosts Shocked after Whoopi Gives a ‘Rear’ Look

The co-host flaunted her figure during a game on live TV on the July 26 episode.

Michael Strahan joined the co-hosts to play a special The View edition of The $100,000 Pyramid, which he hosts weekly.

The first category on the board was called “Rear View.”

Since it would have made the teams uneven, Whoopi stood to the side with Michael and did not participate.

She helped by handing out the cards for each category.

When he read off the first category, the 66-year-old moved her hands to her butt and jokingly covered it up.

The rest of the co-hosts laughed and Michael said: “You don’t have to cover up your rearview, Whoopi. It’s all good.”

About five minutes into the game, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin picked the category “Rear View.”

As Whoopi walked over to deliver the card, she turned around and showed her backside to the cameras, shocking her co-hosts.

Joy Behar also came out from behind her stand and turned around to give Whoopi a glimpse of her “rear view.”

Whoopi flaunted her figure and almost bowed after handing Alyssa the card.

Joy leaned over her podium and said: “Whoopi giving us a rear view.”

The co-hosts laughed and Whoopi walked back to her podium as if nothing happened.

Michael cracked up and then they went on with the category.

In the end, Joy and Sara Haines took home the win.


Before coming on the show to host a mini version of Pyramid, Michael sat down with the co-hosts for an interview.

During that discussion, he talked about a big career opportunity that he missed out on.

The Pyramid host, who took an extended leave from Good Morning America, told the panelist that he was “very jealous” of their luxury Bahamas trip for the show’s 25th anniversary.

The former NFL player let slip that he was actually meant to join the women on their island getaway to guest star on the show.

Discussing the mix-up with Whoopi, he confessed: “That’s one of those trips when you’re invited to come on the show and you say ‘yes’.

“And I was told I was invited on the show in the Bahamas.”

The hosts confirmed he had been asked to join them before Michael disclosed the reason he didn’t make the cut for the Caribbean trip.

The presenter continued: “Then someone on my behalf said no. So I’m trying to figure out who that is right now.”

Sara chimed in with: “Heads will roll!”

To which Michael joked back: “Cause we got a problem.”

Despite being envious of their swanky girl’s trip, the former footballer went on to discuss his other projects which have been keeping him busy.

He has taken on the role of presenting the game show The $100,000 Pyramid after taking a mysterious hiatus from his role as a GMA anchor.

Strahan seemingly swapped his early morning hosting spot at GMA for the evening post amid a suspected shake-up at ABC.


This isn’t the first time Whoopi has nearly flashed the audience.

Last month, the actress almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her shirt was too tight.

During the July 12 episode, Whoopi was not having a good time.

About two minutes in, she opened up the show and looked a bit uncomfortable as she slightly leaned to the side.

As a fan shouted out, “We love you Whoopi,” the 66-year-old replied with a “thank you.”

She continued: “I’m trying to hold my stomach in, so I don’t pop my buttons.”

Her co-hosts laughed and she went on to introduce the guests.

About two minutes later, during a discussion, the co-host adjusted in her seat and said, “This thing is making me crazy.”

Ana Navarro chuckled before giving her input on the subject.

Whoopi’s shirt continued to bother her throughout the episode.

She went on to talk about the importance of voting.

“Remember when America made some sort of sense?” the co-host asked.

“We can get back to making a little bit more sense. This country is a little bit off, it feels like. But maybe it’s me and this tight-a** shirt,” she said around 32 minutes in.

Her co-hosts once again laughed as she took the show to a commercial break.

When the camera panned out, Whoopi can be seen trying to move her arms in tightly and explain to the women her dilemma.

The View fans are tired of Whoopi after she suffered major blunders on live TV and call for her to be fired.

The ABC show airs on weekdays at 11 am.


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