Truck Falls off Cliff Killing at Least 15 People

A horror truck crash has resulted in the death of at least 15 people in Peru after it fell off a cliff.

It happened in the small village of Materiato, in Peru’s Junin region when the truck was travelling to the city of Cubaro from Mazamari on Saturday afternoon.

The bodies of 13 people were recovered from the scene of the crash, while two people died from their injuries in hospital and another injured person remains under supervision.

Volunteer firefighters rushed to the scene of the crash and managed to rescue three people, according to local reports.

Police officers joined volunteer firefighters to rescue and recover people’s bodies.

Those who were wounded and injured were treated at the local Pangoa hospital.

This isn’t the first time a deadly crash has occurred in the country.

In 2018, a bus plunged 330ft from a cliff on a road called ‘devil’s curve’ which resulted in the death of 48 people.

The bus was travelling to the capital of Lima from Huacho with 53 passengers on board.

The bus fell 100 metres into the sea and landed upside down on some rocks at the edge of the sea.

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