Was Dane Cook Dating His Fiancée Before She Was 18?

Former comedy superstar Dane Cook is officially engaged to longtime girlfriend Kelsi Taylor, whom he’s been dating for nearly her entire adult life.

Cook, 50, announced that he and Taylor, 23, were engaged on Tuesday, sparking plenty of internet jokes and questions about the age gap and their dating timeline.

“Feeling the best I’ve ever felt,” Cook tweeted, before dropping a video montage about their engagement.

You may remember Cook from the early 2000s, when his Harmful If Swallowed comedy album catapulted him to fame. That album was recorded in 2002, when Taylor would’ve been about 4 years old.

Taylor, now 23, is a former singer-turned Pilates instructor and “certified food therapist,” according to her Instagram account.

The young woman marked their five-year anniversary on Instagram in May, which by our math would put her at 18 years old when they started dating in 2017.

Cook was also posting about her before they made it official.

“My girl @itskelsitaylor is one of my favorite people on the planet,” he wrote in April 2017. “She’s gonna go far!”

Cook and Taylor addressed their dating timeline in an Instagram story a few years ago. He said he met her at a “game night,” that they were “friends for a while” and “soon after fell in like with each other and then upgraded to love.”

In other words, we can’t say exactly when things became romantic between the two, although Twitter has feelings about it.

“Dane Cook picking up girls who only know him as a voice in Disney’s Planes franchise,” joked another user.

“A love affair 26 years in the making,” added a third person. “Lol, the age gap is literally older than the girl.”

Many celebs congratulated Cook on the news, and he hasn’t directly addressed the backlash at this point.

Instead, he retweeted a screenshot of his name on Twitter’s trending page.

He also tweeted a photo of himself with Taylor in a photo booth. The comments were turned off.

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  • Robert Laverdure

    Who cares

  • There is nothing illegal or wrong about dating a gal that is younger than 18. Yes, there is a big age spread, but so what?? If they are happy, then it is NONE of your business. May-December and all that.

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