Florida Man Breaks Into Space Force Base

A Florida Man has been arrested after he attempted to break into a Space Force base using a stolen car to warn the US government about an imminent war between aliens and Chinese dragons.

Corey Johnson, 29, of Ocala, was arrested Friday by local deputies after he drove to the Patrick Space Force Base in a 2013 Ford F-150 and “attempted to get on base”, according to a police report.

He took control of the vehicle a few days prior to his arrest at the Brevard County-based facility of the United States Space Force .

As per his arrest affidavit, Johnson told the authorities that he was ordered by President Joe Biden (in his head) to steal the truck and drive to the Space Force base to warn “the government there was US aliens fighting with Chinese dragons.”

The site is the home base of Space Launch Delta 45, which controls and operates the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

The man is now facing charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle.

Previously, another Florida man was arrested for a misdemeanour having to do with the president when he repeatedly called 911 to say Biden needed to be placed in jail and Mexican drug kingpin released.

“El Chapo needed to be freed from prison and President Biden needed to be placed into prison,” Jacob Philbeck insisted.

The 29-year-old was arrested for knowingly using the emergency hotline “for a purpose other than obtaining public safety assistance” as deputies had warned him against it and yet, he called three times within a period of one hour.

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  • Geronimo Antonio Schmidt

    Between our elected officials/governor, conservative wackos, Trump as a resident, witch doctor as our secretary of health and “Florida Man” we have earned a well deserved reputation for been an a-hole state….And we can not even blame it on ignorance and inbreeding like some states in the South. I guess it must be the heat cooking some people’s brains.

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