Former NBA Star Iman Shumpert Arrested at Dallas Airport

DFW Airport was the scene of an arrest of Iman Shumpert, the former first-round pick and three-time NBA Finals participant, who was handcuffed for being in possession of what is being called a “sizeable” amount of marijuana, along with some weapon-related items, in his backpack at the DFW Airport.

According to the police report via TMZ, officers responded to a potential drug violation call on Saturday afternoon when TSA screeners found a plastic bag filled with marijuana, which turned out to be 6.12 ounces in weight.

Additionally, Shumpert had in his possession, per TMZ, “a Glock magazine and 14 9mm rounds in his bag” as he was set to board a Delta flight to Los Angeles.

Shumpert told police that he was traveling to see his daughter, but instead, the former Knicks player, 32, was put in handcuffs and transported to the airport jail without incident.


TMZ says the charge is classified as a “State Jail Felony,” which means Shumpert could face up to two years behind bars and a $10,000 fine if he is convicted.

The 6-5 Shumpert was the No. 17 pick overall in the 2011 NBA Draft out of Georgia Tech. He played four years in New York with the Knicks before being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he was a part-time starter on a LeBron James-led team that qualified for the NBA Finals in three straight years, with two titles to show for it. Shumpert played for the Brooklyn Nets in 2020-21, and in his decade-long career, averaging 7.2 points per game, has also played for the Sacramento Kings and the Houston Rockets.

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