Mom Plunges to Her Death While Taking Selfie

Rosy Loomba, 38, was visiting the ­picturesque ­Boroka lookout with her family when she plummeted over a cliff edge in front of her young children.

Shocking new details have come to light after a coroner’s report investigated the mum’s tragic fall at Victoria’s Grampian National Park, Australia, in December 2020.

The incident began as Ms Loomba and her husband Basant joined a queue to have their photo taken by the view while on a family bushwalking trip with their two young boys.

When they reached the front of the line, the couple decided to climb the safety fence to take a selfie on the rock ledge.

But the family day out quickly turned into a nightmare as Rosy lost her balance and slipped as she walked back to her kids, according to

The mum-of-two was left hanging off the cliff edge as her husband desperately tried to drag her back to safety.

But Basant was unable to haul her back onto the ledge, and their horrified family and friends could only watch as she plunged to her death.

It took over six hours for Victoria Police and State Emergency Service volunteers to retrieve Ms Loomba’s body due to the treacherous terrain.

The coroner found that Rosy died from numerous injuries, including skull fractures and a dislocated spine.

Deputy state Coroner Jacqui Hawkins said on Monday that the area needs extra security as ambitious selfie-enthusiasts continue to flock to the dangerous lookout.

She said: “I note that adventurers and park attendees may continue to climb fences to access lookouts in order to get a photo or for their own curiosity.

“Mrs Loomba’s death is a reminder of the dangers associated with ignoring signage and fencing, which is put in place to keep people safe.”

Ms Hawkins recommended Parks Victoria officials install extra signage in the area that warns people have died and been seriously injured at the viewpoint.

Devastated family members paid tribute to the community support worker following her horror fall nearly two years ago.

Basant’s sister, Jassu Minal Loomba, said Rosy, originally from India, loved spending time outdoors with her family and was dedicated to her two kids.

She told the Herald Sun: “She was a good life partner for my brother and best mum for her kids

“The family is still in shock and it’s really hard to believe.”

The popular selfie spot lookout in Victoria’s Grampian National Park has a history of tragic falls.

In January 1999, a 59-year-old British tourist also fell off the rock ledge while taking photos with her family.

Ms Loomba’s horror fall saw Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville urge people to prioritise their safety over their social media pages.

She said: “No photo is worth a life.

“What we saw was a really tragic outcome of behaviour that unfortunately we see too often.

“Do not take these. It not only puts you at risk but it ­actually risks our life savers and emergency services workers that have to go either to rescue you or your body.”

The mum decided to climb over the safety fence at the cliff-edge lookout to take a perfect selfie
Boroka Lookout at Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia has a history of tragic falls


  • The events described in this story are equal parts tragic and stupid.

  • Geronimo Antonio Schmidt

    I am sorry about her death and the pain for husband and children, but she is a candidate for the Darwin Award.
    Hopefully the family learn a valuable lesson about safety signs and the reason why there are safety fences.

    • Trump Supporter

      The Government built a barricade to keep the adventurous out of trouble. This just goes to show that you can’t fix STUPID! Darwin would be proud of her selection!

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