Jennifer Aniston Hailed ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World’

Jennifer Aniston has been hailed as the “most beautiful woman in the world” as she flaunted her ageless beauty in a series of bikini snaps.

The actress, 53, posed candidly while having her famous hair done by her stylish Chris McMillan.

The ‘Friends’ star looked to be enjoying her time in the hairdresser’s chair as she showed off her freshly cut locks.

Jennifer donned a tiny bikini and a structured pair of high-waisted trousers which sat at her tiny waist.

She tugged on her long silver necklace as she posed for the black and white snaps before her stylist uploaded them to his Instagram page.

Hair expert Chris was inundated with gushing comments as fans of the actress rushed to compliment the star.

One enamoured fan wrote: “I’m so in love with these pics!.”

Another said: “The most beautiful woman in the world,” while a third admired: “She’s absolutely perfect.”

Chris captioned the snaps with juicy details on how he styled Jen’s hair so details.

Revealing his trade secrets, he wrote: “throwing it back. Love a good blowout. Full but straight.
“To achieve this look I take 1 1/2 sections starting at the nape and blowout from towel dried freshly shampooed hair and towel dried , usually no products in hair so the blowout lasts ( re wetting the hair if needed with a water bottle).

“the large @ibizahairtools brush always delivers. Keep it simple, over direct, and the key is to really lift and dry.” [sic]

Earlier this month, Jennifer revealed her heartbreak following the sudden death of one of her The Morning Show colleagues.

The actress paid tribute to late camera assistant Gunnar Mortensen before revealing a GoFundMe page had been established to raise money for his family.

In a heartfelt Story post, the Friends legend wrote: “This past week we suddenly and tragically lost Gunnar Mortensen. One of our bright lights on the @themorningshow set.

“As camera assistant, he was so skilled and dedicated to his job. In memory of Gunnar a page has been set up to help raise funds for his wife, Keely, and his 2-year-old son Lars during this difficult time.

“We are going to miss you, Gunnar.”


  • Geronimo Antonio Schmidt

    J Anniston is definitely beautiful and has aged well. About been the most beautiful? I do not know about that.
    Give me a beautiful woman with athletics looks that can change her own flat tire, and I will be smitten.

  • She is nice looking but there are better women for that honor. Probably a lot of former friends that she cut loose because they didn’t get the JAB.

  • She is nice looking, but definitely NOT the most beautiful woman in the world. (You must be joking.)

  • Patrick B. Hayes

    Not even close. Not even in the top 1 million. I’ve traveled the world and all one needs to do is spend one day in Estonia, Russia or Ukraine to know there are an unlimited number of women who are strikingly better looking than Aniston or any American for that matter. Look around. Most American women are fat, tattooed, uneducated and misinformed.

  • No, I don’t think so. She’s cute, in the girl next door way. Beauty exudes from the inside out. I don’t think celebs have that possibility, because they are actors. Jennifer is very bland and one dimensional. One actress that has the chops is Charlize Theron, very unappreciated.
    Her roles have taken her the to heights that I don’t think Jennifer is capable. Charlize is beautiful, talented, and is a true actress.
    Jennifer is a “movie” star. Huge difference.

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