Mike Tyson’s Health is Deteriorating – Says Cannabis is Helping Pain

Mike Tyson, having retired from boxing, took up various other projects and businesses to work on. Mike Bites, cannabis-infused gummies, are among Tyson’s best-sellers right now. According to reports, the former heavyweight champion of the world shares a special bonding with cannabis. However, in the recent past, 56-year-old Tyson took his fans by storm as he walked out of the Miami International Airport in a wheelchair. Soon it was found that Mike Tyson was suffering from sciatica.

In a recent conversation, Mike Tyson opened up about the role of cannabis in his life and some problems he never knew he had with his aging physique. In 2020, Mike Tyson made a comeback to boxing with fellow legend Roy Jones Jr. in an event billed as ‘Lockdown Knockdown’. According to Tyson, at the time of the comeback fight, he had certain “pain problems” of which he was earlier unaware.

Tyson Said, “Listen, I have pain problems I never knew I had. So, I said I’m going to box again with the Roy Jones situation. And I found out why I’m actually tired every time I moved. Something was hurting, you know. Back to the hospital again after trying a boxer move.”

According to Tyson, the mind and head of a human are the worst neighborhoods one can sometimes dare to be in. Tyson, who had to involve in a great struggle with both his head and mind, holds a special place for cannabis in his heart. Here is how cannabis helped Mike Tyson cope with his mind and head. Tyson, in his latest interview with NY Post, said:

“Cannabis and other plant medicine have helped me get to this point where I am who I want to be. It all comes down to your mind and your head. Your mind and head can be the worst neighborhood in the history of the world.”

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