Hollywood Star Accused of Starting Bizarre Cult

“The Flash” star Ezra Miller “screams at” and “belittles” their female sexual partners, a friend of the actor’s told Vanity Fair in a recent report.

Miller lives an openly polyamorous lifestyle and has frequently been vocal about that in the past. While Miller’s friend, who was not named in Vanity Fair’s report, told the publication that they do not find polyamory “inherently wrong,” the friend said they’d classify Miller’s lifestyle more as “a patriarchal dictatorship” than polyamory, given what they said they’ve seen of Miller’s behavior with women.

“Ezra controls all the sex as the man, and plays the women against each other, screams at them, belittles them in front of the others,” Miller’s friend told Vanity Fair.

Miller, who uses they/them pronouns, was at times misgendered by the sources in Vanity Fair who told the outlet the actor doesn’t insist on those pronouns in private. 

The “Fantastic Beasts” franchise star came out publicly as polyamorous in Playboy in 2018. Polyamory involves engaging in multiple romantic or sexual relationships with the knowledge and consent of all partners involved. 

But Miller said at the time that they lived in a “polycule,” a portmanteau of “polyamorous molecule.”

“I’m trying to find queer beings who understand me as a queer being off the bat, who I make almost a familial connection with, and I feel like I’m married to them 25 lifetimes ago from the moment we meet,” they said at the time. “And then they are in the squad — the polycule. And I know they’re going to love everyone else in the polycule because we’re in the polycule, and we love each other so much.”

Vanity Fair reported that they spoke to three people in Miller’s “circle” who said their lifestyle could better be described as a “court harem.” Miller surrounds themself with “mostly young women,” the report said. 

Representatives for Miller didn’t respond to Insider’s request for comment on the story. 

Miller has been exhibiting increasingly worrying behavior since about 2019, according to multiple reports, and some of it involves sexual encounters.

A woman told Insider’s Melkorka Licea and Katie Warren in a report published in August that she spent about six days in 2020 with Miller at Iceland’s Hótel Laugarbakki — located in the northern part of the country — to record music. The woman, who was 18 at the time, described it as “one of the most traumatic weeks of her life.”

She said she had several sexual encounters with Miller while she stayed with them, including one threesome with another woman.

At one point, Miller “became fixated on her breeding capabilities,” according to the report. They “worshipped her ‘perfect’ womb,” according to the report, and would often start “talking to it, looking at it, hugging it” while their head was on her stomach. 

But as quickly as they said loving words to her, they’d also call her “fucking disgusting,” she said, describing her experience with Miller as “psychological abuse.”

“It was only six days, but it honestly felt way, way longer,” she told Insider’s reporters. “I remember feeling, like, ‘Wow, I don’t know how I’m going to recover from this.'”

The woman said that when she eventually got home to Reykjavík, her roommate who had heard she was with Miller and believed rumors about them gave her literature about cults. She said that when she read it she got “really scared” because it was describing “the exact same thing that I was in with Ezra.” 

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